Challenges and Opportunities in Wave and Tidal Energy Sectors Revealed

The National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI) has identified potential enablers which will assist subsea supply chain companies to break into the growing wave and tidal energy sectors, and associated technological barriers to their progress. The findings, part of NSRI’s online Matchmaker database, reveal how UK firms can link up with technology researchers and developers to adapt their offerings and take advantage of the immediate diversification opportunities in marine renewables. Matchmaker aims to connect organisations already active in the wave and tidal energy space to collaborate, solve industrial challenges and progress research and development activity. Split into five themes: operations and... (read more)
2017-10-10 11:32:41

Depth Data: Measure Once, Use Many Times

Over the last decade the focus of the IHO has widened from the production and distribution of nautical charts and services to the provision of hydrographic data for other activities in the seas and oceans. This follows a similar trend in national land mapping agencies, where the focus has moved from specialised national mapping to the provision of geodata in the national interest. IHO Resolution At the first session of the IHO Assembly in April this year, the IHO Member States approved a Resolution setting out principles for ensuring the widest possible availability of bathymetric data to support the sustainable... (read more)
2017-10-10 10:14:59

Finland Selects CARIS Hydrographic Production Database

The Finnish Transport Agency Liikennevirasto (FTA) has selected the CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) as the new system for chart production for its current and future needs. With many lakes, an archipelagic sea and an estimated 40,000 islands, the FTA has a large and complex portfolio of navigational charts to maintain. The project to implement HPD will include deployment of software and the migration of existing products into an optimised workflow where data is centrally managed and various product types are derived from one updated source. The system will provide a platform where user-friendly, efficient tools and processes are of... (read more)
2017-09-27 08:34:36

Can the Great Barrier Reef Be Monitored By Drones?

The Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) remote sensing and unmanned aerial vehicle experts are partnering with the Australian Institute for Marine Science (AIMS) to test whether small drones, machine learning and specialised hyperspectral cameras can monitor the Great Barrier Reef more efficiently and in more detail than manned aircraft and satellite surveys. Roughly the size of Japan, the Great Barrier Reef is home to around 3,000 reefs stretching 2,300 kilometres, making it slow and costly to survey using traditional methods. QUT’s project leader Associate Professor Felipe Gonzalez said the team surveyed three reefs in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park from 60 metres in... (read more)
2017-09-15 11:11:16

Online Portal with Fast Access to High-quality Water Depth Data

The Bathymetrics Data Portal allows users to search, purchase and automatically download the best available water depth information directly from the online store to their computer. It is a combined offering by DHI, experts in water environments, TCarta, a global provider of marine geospatial products, and DigitalGlobe, a provider of high-resolution satellite imagery. It is offering continuously expanding 2m bathymetry data in shallow water areas and a global database of interpolated 90m bathymetry. The Bathymetrics Data Portal allows users to search for data in their area of interest and purchase what they need. Data is priced by the square kilometer;... (read more)
2017-09-14 01:05:35

Free Online Dredge Project Calculator

Dredge projects are tendered around the globe on a daily basis. Consequently, dredging contractors have to make new calculations, involving various production parameters, when preparing their project quotations. Damen has introduced an online dredge job calculator called Sandy to unburden contractors of this time-consuming, and therefore costly, task. For every dredging job, whether it is a maintenance dredging, sand dredging or capital dredging project, the local government concerned will present a public tender. In submitting their offers, contractors will then put in a considerable amount of effort – mostly in calculating the estimated production of each different job site. It... (read more)
2017-08-22 01:25:45

Tidal Currents from AIS Data

Studying Currents in the Gibraltar Straits
Currents are traditionally measured with buoys and drifters, but such surveys are expensive and results are scarce. Almost all ships are equipped with an automatic identification system (AIS), primarily to improve shipping safety. Broadcast AIS signals contain information about the ship’s identity, position, speed and heading. These signals are collected at coastal stations where time stamps are added. The resulting time series make it possible to track individual ships and analyse their movements. This article shows the results of a case study in the Strait of Gibraltar making use of freely available AIS data. The method presented turns passing ships into... (read more)
2017-08-15 01:09:46

Bathy DataBASE Emphases Bathymetric Lidar Surveys

Teledyne CARIS has released Bathy DataBASE (BDB) 4.4. This new version addresses the areas of feature generalisation and automation of product generation for chart compilation, as well as the increasing emphasis on bathymetric Lidar surveys. A collection of new techniques for generalising bathymetry in chart compilation workflows can be found in BASE Editor, which is part of the BDB suite. Point suppression and smoothing techniques help reduce the manual work associated with turning survey data into chart ready vector features. These techniques can be used in isolation or together with other bathymetric feature compilation tools to produce the best results... (read more)
2017-08-10 09:34:43

Survey Data Management Critical to Port of Melbourne’s Operations

Vessel Traffic, Silt and Clay Influenced by River Outflows and Sand Waves
Survey data management is critical to the operation of the Port of Melbourne (PoM), primarily to support the safety of vessels operating through its channels. The PoM is one of Australia's busiest and largest container ports with 30 commercial berths, 21km of waterfront and over 500ha of land. In September 2016, the port’s commercial operations were leased for 50 years, a contract worth more than AUD9.6 billion. This article has been brought to you by Teledyne CARIS. The Port waters cover around 95,000ha from the Port Phillip Bay entrance to the Port’s berths in West Melbourne. The northern end of Port... (read more)
2017-07-27 08:49:45

Tide Gauge and Water Temperature Monitoring Network for the UAE

OceanWise is working with Seatronics to complete a three-year project to design, install and deliver a fully operational network of 34 water level and temperature monitoring stations for Bayanat LLC in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The stations are positioned at strategic locations within UAE from the Western Region to the border with Oman, covering a distance of over 400km. Water level is being measured using Valeport VRS-20 Radars with water temperature being measured using PT100 sensors from General Acoustics. All equipment is solar powered and housed in Valeport's TideStation enclosures. Communication with the stations is being handled using the... (read more)
2017-06-27 08:48:30
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