National Flood and Coastal Defence Database Enhancement Live

The UK Environment Agency (EA) has been working with 1Spatial and its system integration partner Scisys to evaluate data re-engineering for the National Flood and Coastal Defence Database (NFCDD) system during 2006. The changes approved through this evaluation have now been implemented and are live. In January the latest release of the NFCDD application provided by Scisys to the EA contained new functionality to perform simplification, geometric and topological validation against EA data. These processes make use of Radius Topology software from 1Spatial.  Initially, the EA worked with 1Spatial to evaluate the re-engineering options. This involved 1Spatial’s expertise in defining... (read more)
2007-05-25 03:08:00

Next Generation of dKart Office Feature Objects Database

HydroService AS announces the release of next generation of dKart Feature Objects Database software (dKart FODB 2.1) for use with their dKart Office ENC and Paper chart production system. dKart FODB is intended for centralised handling of scale-independent objects information (aids to navigation, traffic separation schemes, pipelines, etc.). The benefits of such ‘enhanced NavAids database’ are fairly obvious. Any scale-independent object (e.g. buoy) that belongs to several charts is created/edited only once (in the database). Applied up-dates/changes are distributed to the affected charts in an automated way. Such an approach offers increased information reliability and consistency (since there is a... (read more)
2004-02-10 12:00:00

Major Increase of Number of ENCs in Primar Database

During the first six months of 2015, PRIMAR (Norway) has shown strong growth. In this period, the PRIMAR database has grown from 12,415 to 14,022 ENCs, which is more than 12% growth of the entire database. Most of the increase is due to the release of new ENCs coming from China (C1) with 461 ENCs, China Pearl River Delta (CN and C3) with 41 ENCs, Indonesia (ID) with 402 ENCs, Korea (KR) with 168 ENCs and recently Iran (IR) with 19 ENCs. The release of these ENCs is an important step towards achieving global ENC coverage and improving safety at... (read more)
2015-07-31 02:57:00

New Versions of Bathy DataBASE, HIPS and SIPS Released

With HIPS and SIPS and the Bathy DataBASE (BDB) suites of products being closely aligned, the BDB 4.3 release follows hot on the heels of HIPS and SIPS 10.2. These product lines now share a common core promoting tighter data interoperability. The 4.3 release of BDB now includes import and export for the generic Lidar format LAS 1.4. This is an important step in facilitating Lidar and laser scanning workflows and downstream data analysis. BDB 4.3 also supports the creation and management of Variable Resolution (VR) Surfaces. This capability allows for continuous model creation, which can be contoured in a... (read more)
2017-03-01 04:18:07

T-Kartor Sweden AB

Database-driven (hydrographic) map production
T-Kartor was founded in 1985 in the southern Swedish town of Kristianstad. The company was started by a group of highly qualified people with wide experience and engagement in geography and, specifically, in cartography. Most of these are still with the company now, almost twenty years later. Due to its progressive attitude over the years, T-Kartor has managed to attract a number of key people from different parts of the world, all specialists in the field of database-driven cartography. Besides mapmaking experience the employees had a strong interest in computers and modern information technology. This made it quite natural for... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

CARIS HPD Advances

CARIS has released version 2.0 of its Hydrographic Production Database (HPD). Built on Oracle, HPD combines a Source Database and Product Database in one solution, providing seamless and non-redundant storage and maintenance of spatial and non-spatial data used for all hydrographic products. The Product Database delivers storage and maintenance of product definitions including coverage and cartographic representations and historical versions of products. Using the same data model in the Source and Product Databases means changes in the source data can be tracked all the way to the product(s) using it. When a product is created, it is not cut loose... (read more)
2004-02-02 12:00:00

CARIS 2017

This four day conference is the largest gathering of CARIS software users worldwide. Participants will have access to on-site training opportunities for HIPS and SIPS™, and specialized user group meetings focused on innovations found within Hydrographic Production Database (HPD)™ and Bathy DataBASE (BDB)™. (read more)
2016-07-27 08:52:25

MSDI Solution for France

CARIS has been awarded a contract by the Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine (SHOM) to deliver a Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) to access its hydrographic information. CherSoft as a subcontractor will supply a tide database as part of the solution.   The Launch of the project occurred in mid-February for a week, with focused meetings on project strategy and benefits. Through this contract, referred to as INFRAGEOS-H (Infrastructure Géospatiale du SHOM for Hydrographic data), CARIS will deliver a technological infrastructure built on CARIS bathymetric and hydrographic data management software, Bathy DataBASE, CARIS Hydrographic Production Database, and Web-mapping... (read more)
2008-04-01 12:00:00

CARIS Bathymetric Data Management System for Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia in Canberra has selected CARIS Bathy DataBASE software for management of large bathymetric data sets, interoperability and distribution. Geoscience Australia is Australia's national agency for geoscience knowledge and geospatial information. Its knowledge and information contributes to enhanced economic, social and environmental benefits to the community - by providing input for decisions that impact upon resource use, management of the environment, and the safety and well-being of Australians.   Like other national geospatial agencies, Geoscience Australia is facing expanding volumes of raw multibeam survey data, large numbers of archived historical data sources, increased demand for and distribution of products... (read more)
2008-10-31 12:00:00

Teledyne CARIS Releases HPD 3.2

Teledyne CARIS has released Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) 3.2. As part of the CARIS Ping-to-Chart solution, HPD offers an integrated suite of products for managing data in a seamless database, providing simultaneous data compilation by multiple users. This release offers features which will allow HPD users to implement new workflows, create new products and obtain even more value from their database. HPD 3.2 expands the range of products that can be generated. The Tiled Raster product creates image tiles from usage data, which can be served as background data for use with on-line services. The Atlas production capabilities have been... (read more)
2016-08-22 11:28:28
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