Environmental Monitoring Solution for Gas Hydrate

Kongsberg Maritime Embient, with Kongsberg partner company Contros Systems and Solutions, has been selected to develop and deliver innovative technologies and strategies for environmental monitoring during gas hydrate exploration and production as part of the EU ‘SUGAR' (Submarine Gas Hydrate Reservoirs) project. Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology started the third phase of the more than EUR10 million joint project at the beginning of October 2014. The project is a ground-breaking initiative in gas hydrate exploration, production and monitoring. This third phase will last three years and will lead into a European venture with world-wide impact for gas hydrates... (read more)
2014-10-31 11:07:39

Some Environmental Aspects of Naval Applications

Detailed information and a fundamental understanding of the marine environment will make the difference in operating effective and responsible for-naval purposes. Over the last decade, international developments (such as the end of the Cold War, peace keeping, terrorist threats) have driven the focus of naval operations towards (very) shallow water. Such an environment is too complicated for most sensors to function well. Detailed knowledge and understanding of key environmental parameters can make the difference in any action at or from sea: there are many recent examples where know–ledge of the environment is being used for optimising sonar processing (environmentally adaptive... (read more)
2007-05-09 12:00:00

Imaging Lidar Environmental Monitoring Capabilities Highlighted

Teledyne Optech’s Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging Lidar (CZMIL) system is a rapid environmental assessment tool for monitoring natural and man-made disasters. From detecting sewage pipe leaks, mapping oil slicks and measuring coastline changes after hurricanes, to counting underwater debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, CZMIL is able to identifying and monitoring oceanic environmental changes, especially in emergency scenarios. Presentations are held during Oceans’17 MTS/IEE Aberdeen, UK and the Teledyne CARIS International User Group Conference in Ottawa, Canada. At the Oceans '17 MTS/IEEE conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, senior scientist Dr. Viktor Feygels will present ‘CZMIL as a Rapid Environmental... (read more)
2017-06-15 08:57:56

Habitat Maps for Four Environmental Impact Assessments

Proteus FZC has delivered marine habitat maps for four Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). Proteus completed the mapping components of the EIAs on behalf of oil & gas companies and engineering consulting firms. For the four projects, Proteus delivered classification maps of offshore marine habitats along with bathymetric data, all derived from high-resolution commercial satellite imagery. Two of the EIAs also required production of satellite-derived land use/land cover maps for terrestrial ecosystems. To create the classification maps, Proteus processed WorldView-2 imagery from DigitalGlobe and Pléiades data from Airbus Defence & Space. Protected habitats such as sea grasses and coral reefs were... (read more)
2015-03-20 08:52:37

Port-Log for ABP’s Environmental Monitoring

Associated British Ports (ABP) has contracted OceanWise to install Port-Log across all of ABP's 21 UK ports. The project has not required any of ABP's existing sensors to be replaced. A major benefit of Port-Log.net is its ability to accommodate a wide range of sensors from different manufacturers. Consequently, pressing deadlines for installing and testing the system were able to be met. The service utilises OceanWise' Smart Telemetry units to transmit data to a cloud server, providing real-time publishing of monitoring data direct to individual VTS centres at each Port Cluster, as well as to other users and devices at... (read more)
2017-01-17 11:28:56

Alpine Ocean Expands Environmental Data Collection

Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey, USA, has expanded its portfolio of environmental data collection services with the addition of a new suite of underwater video camera and sediment sampling technologies. The expanded offerings allow clients to take advantage of the latest environmental data collection technology on the market.   As part of the UK-based Gardline Marine Sciences Group, Alpine can now leverage both its own record, compiled over more than 50 years in the offshore survey industry, and Gardline's extensive resources and technologies. Alpine's data collection services apply to the entire offshore project lifecycle, from pre-consenting baseline characterisation and impact assessment,... (read more)
2011-08-22 10:22:38

R2SONIC Multibeam for Ecospan Environmental

UK-based Swathe Services has recently provided Ecospan Environmental with a complete R2SONIC multibeam echosounder package including TruePix and Raw Water Column options; HySweep data acquisition and post-processing software; Valeport sound velocity equipment and SMC motion sensor. The newly-delivered SONIC 2020 will complement and enhance current hydrographic survey capabilities. Ecospan plan to improve current survey methods by utilising backscatter and raw water column capabilities to assist in the environmental impact assessment of dredging and other harbour development activities. The SONIC 2020 is one of the latest multibeam echosounders available from R2SONIC. Capable of sitting in the palm of the hand, it... (read more)
2014-12-08 09:13:25

Senior Environmental Scientist for Woods Hole Group

Woods Hole Group, USA, has appointed environmental scientist Jerry J. Cura as a senior environmental scientist. Cura comes with his Ph.D. in biological oceanography from the University of Maine and over twenty years of experience in the field and as a principal in Menzie-Cura Associates.     He was the Chair and US Principal Representative to an international working group to develop risk based methods for assessing disposal of dredged material in marine and aquatic environments. Cura has also been published in the area of dredged material disposal evaluation methods, evaluating ecological impacts in marine and aquatic environments, and the... (read more)
2011-03-25 12:23:51

1.2m Tern Buoy for Gardline Environmental

UK-based Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) have recently supplied a 1.2m Tern Buoy to Gardline Environmental, for installation in Cyprus. The buoy is equipped with a Nortek AWAC, acquiring full profile current speed and direction and wave data in addition to other ancillary parameters including GPS positioning. Data from the AWAC is currently transmitted via GSM. However, the buoy has also been equipped with the option to swap comms to Iridium satellite. The buoy system is robust, with all cables held internally, protected by the rugged enclosed top section, which has been designed to minimise damage from the elements or... (read more)
2014-09-05 11:00:00

5-Year RADARSAT Environmental Monitoring Contract

MDA and the Marine North East Region (RMNE) of PEMEX Exploration and Production (PEP) have signed a five-year contract for the continued monitoring of natural oil seeps and oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico using RADARSAT data. This contract ensures data continuity and integrity in support of environmental stewardship and exploration activities in PEP-RMNE's area of operations.   PEP has been using RADARSAT-1 operationally since 2001 when it established its maritime surveillance strategy for the Campeche Basin. Image analysis experts are able to characterise oil on the sea surface by its origin - natural oil seep, oil spill from... (read more)
2007-10-26 12:00:00
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