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Members of Commission 4 will be participating in events planned for the remainder of 2012 and for 2013. These include: Hydro12 ‘Taking care of the Sea’, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 13 to 15 November 2012;1 FIG 8th Regional Conference, Montevideo, Uruguay, 26 to 29 November 2012;2 FIG Working Week 2013, Abuja, Nigeria, 6 to 10 May 2013.3 The Commission 4 themes for the wFIG events will include: Hydrographic surveying and mapping and the management of marine spaces; Hydrographic standards and guidelines; Hydrographic education, training, and professional development; New and emerging science and technologies for hydrography;  Maritime and marine spatial information management; ... (read more)
2012-10-05 04:45:27

IMarEST 2014 Events Programme Launched

With sixteen major Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) events tabled for 2014 encompassing highly topical conferences, courses and special events, a stimulating year, and fruitful networking, lies ahead for a wide range of interests within the world of marine engineering, science and technology. IMarEST’s chief executive, David Loosley, said that being held in six cities and towns around the globe and covering topical issues such as Arctic shipping, ballast water, LNG ship fuel, avoiding the cost of marine failures, innovative solutions to global trends in a naval engineering context, and the exciting human powered submarine races, the... (read more)
2013-12-27 12:00:00

Leading Industry Events during Ocean Business 2013

Ocean Business 2013, taking place from 9 to 11 April 2013 at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK, will be hosting some of the biggest industry events of the year. The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) will jointly run a high-profile workshop aimed at setting a forward-looking strategy for the ‘Blue Economy’. Focusing on technological developments, the Challenger Society will be organising a workshop about the latest developments in microfluidics and sensor technology. This year’s show has been selected as the venue for important enterprising events which present commercial and partnership opportunities to organisations.... (read more)
2013-01-17 12:00:00

Lunch & Learn Events on Underwater Technology

In March 2013, MacArtney Pacific Northwest and West Coast Operations, USA, will be opening the doors to a couple of ambitious 'Lunch and Learn' knowledge-sharing and networking events. At these events, MacArtney customers, along with other interested parties, are invited to share an exquisite lunch while learning, sharing knowledge and networking with industry professionals within the realm of underwater technology. The ‘Lunch and Learn’ events will take place in San Diego on 19 March and Seattle on 21 March. MacArtney's technical director, Steen Worsøe, will be flown in from the MacArtney Group headquarters in Denmark to give a presentation on... (read more)
2013-02-07 09:14:50

How to Lessen the Effects of Harmful Algal Bloom Events

Can we clean up, stop, or end harmful algal blooms? No, but there are ways to lessen the effects of harmful algal bloom events, according to a recent NOAA-publication. Harmful algal blooms — often referred to as HABs for short — occur when algae produce toxic or harmful effects on people, fish, shellfish, marine mammals, birds, or other aquatic organisms. Blooms occur in marine and freshwater environments throughout the world, with damaging ecological, social, and economic effects. So why can’t we clean up the algae and take care of this problem? Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. Harmful algal blooms are a... (read more)
2019-11-23 10:33:53

Maritime Dual-use Events in Autonomous Systems and Satellite Applications

New for Ocean Business 2017, Diversified is are hosting two new events organised by the Marine South East and the Enterprise Europe Network and supported by the European Commission that focus on defence and commercial applications in autonomous systems and satellite applications. Visitors can register for these free-to-attend events – a conference on Tuesday 4 April, 2017 and a B2B match-making event on Wednesday 5 April 2017. Both events will be held alongside the Ocean Business exhibition and training forum that is being held at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK, from 4-6 April 2017. Autonomous systems and satellite... (read more)
2017-02-13 02:00:08

Evidence of Large Episodic Volcanic Events on the Seafloor

Scientists at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel in Germany who are trying to understand how the Earth’s surface was formed have used new technology to date lava flows at the North Kolbeinsey Ridge, located about 500 kilometres north of Iceland. They found evidence of large, deep-sea volcanic eruptions which probably formed almost half of the Earth’s crust. The study will be published in the next issue of the international journal 'Earth and Planetary Science Letters'. The Icelandic volcanic eruptions of Eyjafallajokull and Bardabunga have produced impressive images of the volcanic activity on the island in recent years. As... (read more)
2016-04-06 04:16:05

Full House For FIGS Events’ Lecture On Deep-Sea Mining

‘Deep-Sea Mining: An Emerging Marine Industry – Challenges and Responses’ was the topic of the recent 3rd FIGS Events Lecture. Delivered to an invited audience from different fields of engineering, science, regulation, law and technology at Prince Philip House, London (UK), Oceanographer, Attorney-at-Law and Visiting Colleague at the University of Hawai’i, Dr Philomène Verlaan JD PhD FIMarEST, entranced and educated a full house as she described the multi-faceted political, economic, technological, scientific, environmental, social, industrial and legal aspects that must be addressed to achieve commercially viable results. As if these challenges were not enough, she told her audience that they... (read more)
2015-12-03 08:52:41

Oceanology International 2018 – Surveying the Oceans with Enhanced Vision

New Content and Parallel Events
The keenly anticipated Oceanology International (Oi) 2018 exhibition and conference took off on Tuesday 13 March 2018 at ExCel in London and runs until Thursday 15 March. Renowned throughout the marine industry as an unassailable benchmark for proffering business opportunities and showcasing evolving technologies, the Oi portfolio has expanded over time with the addition of the sister events Oi Americas and Oi China. This year’s Oi London show looks likely to set a new record regarding attendance numbers, with more than 500 exhibitors from 79 countries. For 2018, the emphasis is firmly focused on technological developments including autonomous systems, advanced sensors... (read more)
2018-03-13 11:12:32

Oceanology International 2016 Provides Update on Ocean Technology

Promising Event for Oceanographic and Hydrographic Community
Hydro International traditionally prepares a preview of Oceanology International to help you prepare for the highlights of what businesses on the show floor will be presenting. The Hydro International preview offers you a selection of the more than 350 companies from 32 countries that will be present at the trade show. The total surface is over 8,000 square metres so consider wearing your walking boots!  Joost Boers, editorial manager, Hydro International There will also be is a conference during Oceanology focusing on streams like Trade & Innovation; Marine Technology and Services Sector Role in the Blue Economy; Marine Renewables; Positioning & Metrology; Green Shipping;... (read more)
2016-03-01 11:47:03
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