Geotechnical Investigation for Navitus Bay

UK-headquartered Coastline Surveys has completed a geotechnical investigation of the seabed cable route at the proposed Navitus Bay offshore wind park, off the south coast of England. The company provided geotechnical expertise to examine the viability of the proposed cable route that will transport energy from the wind park to shore. Utilising its own 24m survey vessel, MV Flatholm, along with their C-COREHP vibrocorer, Coastline Surveys successfully completed sampling at 22 locations along the planned route for the cable. The route runs from the shoreline to approximately 12 miles off shore. A key requirement for Navitus Bay was the acquisition... (read more)
2013-05-15 02:25:00

C & C's Geotechnical Laboratory Expands

Jill Rivette has joined C & C Technologies Geotechnical Division in Houston, TX, USA, as a senior geotechnical engineer. The lab has purchased three new Direct Simple Shear devices to satisfy the increasing demand, which brings its total number of Direct Simple Shear devices to nine. Two additional Cyclic Simple Shear devices have also been added, expanding the total number of these devices to four. The additional test devices, along with over 40 other specialised test devices including Resonant Column, Controlled Rate of Strain Consolidation, and Ko Consolidated Triaxial allow C&C to perform large-scale geotechnical lab testing programmes often required... (read more)
2014-08-05 11:12:45

Geotechnical Survey Success for UTEC

UTEC Geomarine, UK, has successfully completed a significant geotechnical survey programme in the West of Shetland region. The work was carried out for BP on the Quad 204 development and involved the utilisation of UTEC Geomarine’s ROV-deployed geoROV CPT and sampling system. The project was conducted in conjunction with Subsea 7 who provided vessel and ROV support services. For the first time, geoROV was used in conjunction with UTEC Geomarine's recently developed geoREACT suction anchor tooling skid. As part of the programme, multiple CPTs, cyclic T-bars and undisturbed sampling tests, together with advanced laboratory testing, were performed at precisely defined... (read more)
2013-09-19 09:15:05

Geotechnical Services Pass German Test

EMU Limited's expanded geotechnical services were put to the test recently when the company successfully completed more than 1,000 cone penetration tests along the cable routes of a number of proposed offshore wind farms in Germany. EMU's geotechnical offering includes three and six-metre variable frequency vibrocorers, Datem Neptune 5000 heavyweight CPTs, gravity and piston corers and a number of various sediment sampling grabs.     EMU's technical director Richard Cooke said that the company's investment in equipment, as well as its commitment to research and design in both geotechnical and geophysical survey techniques, means that the most innovative solutions are... (read more)
2012-01-23 10:17:05

Awards for Fugro Geotechnical Engineers

Two members of Fugro’s geoconsultancy team have won prestigious international awards – one recently presented in London, UK and the second in Regina, Canada. Dr Kokkuen Lee, principal engineer at Fugro Advanced Geomechanics (Fugro AG) received the David Hislop Award from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and Dr Zack Westgate, consultant engineer at Fugro GeoConsulting in Houston, USA with co-authors from COFS at UWA, Winthrop professor Mark F. Randolph and Winthrop professor Dave J. White, Shell EMI Chair in Offshore Engineering, won the 2014 R.M. Quigley Award for the best paper published in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal in 2013.... (read more)
2014-11-20 08:27:11

PEMEX Extends Offshore Geophysical and Geotechnical Campaign

Mexico’s national oil company, PEMEX, has awarded a further extension to Fugro’s contract to support its exploration drilling activities in the Bay of Campeche. The contract extension is valued at approximately USD20 million and the workscope includes geophysical and geotechnical field operations, laboratory testing and geoconsulting activities. The field programme commenced in December 2015 from the ultra-deepwater geotechnical and well services vessel Fugro Synergy, while the geoconsulting programme will continue through 2016.   (read more)
2015-12-29 08:25:29

Geotechnical Services for Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey

Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey, the US subsidiary of UK-based Gardline Group, has expanded its marine data collection offerings with the addition of geotechnical services. Research teams will leverage Gardline Geosciences' global experience, equipment, and data-processing technologies to offer cone penetration testing (CPT), offshore heave-compensated drilling and seabed sampling for projects ranging from nearshore surveys to offshore efforts in depths of up to 3,000 metres.     Andy Barwise, business development director, Gardline Geosciences said that Gardline's extensive experience, combined with Alpine's localised data acquisition knowledge, relationships with state and federal agencies, and work on a wide range of high-profile marine... (read more)
2011-12-14 10:29:36

Fugro Strong in Geotechnical and Survey

Fugro (The Netherlands) has reported its performance for its maritime activities in survey, geotechnical and subsea in the third quarter as solid. Seabed Geosolutions continues to lag behind, although seasonal demand resulted in high vessel utilisation. The backlog for the next 12 months is reported as solid and stronger compared with the end of the third quarter of 2012. The oil and gas market, which is the main market in which Fugro operates, continues to be strong in most segments relevant to Fugro. Clients continue to invest in exploration and development of new fields and in enhancement of existing production.... (read more)
2013-11-11 12:01:45

DeepOcean to Enter Offshore Geotechnical Market

DeepOcean Group Holding BV (The Netherlands) will be entering the market for offshore geotechnical services. The company has acquired a geotechnical drilling rig and entered into a strategic alliance with Geoquip Marine, Switzerland, for the provision of geotechnical services in the Greater North Sea and collaboration worldwide. DeepOcean CEO Bart Heijermans stated that the offshore geotechnical services market is undersupplied and that DeepOcean, through its strategic alliance with Geoquip and its relationships with key customers worldwide, is positioned to become a preferred geotechnical service provider and a viable alternative to the current segment leader in the Greater North Sea. The... (read more)
2014-02-17 10:55:24

UTEC Mobilises for Large Geotechnical Contract

UTEC has mobilised a 100 metre vessel for one of the largest geotechnical contracts awarded in the last 4 years. The 4 month contract will utilise mini Cone Penetration Test (CPT) technology coupled with new towed Resistivity Systems designed and built specifically for this and future route surveys. Under this contract, UTEC will undertake CPT and Resistivity down to 1000 meters over 11,000km of the undersea fibre optic telecommunications cable route, from the Mediterranean to South East Asia. The Burial Assessment Survey (BAS) will be reported on in ‘near real time’ with data combined with geophysical survey data sets within... (read more)
2004-07-28 12:00:00
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