Extensive Vibrocore Campaign

Coastline Surveys, UK, has recently completed two large geotechnical Vibrocore campaigns for Hanson Aggregates Marine (HAML). The first work scope comprised 58 core locations offshore Norfolk. Specialist geotechnical survey vessel MV Flatholm was mobilised and the work scope was completed with Coastline’s high-powered vibrocorer, C-Core-HP, in 5m configuration, with an overall average recovery of 4 metres. The second work scope comprised 70 core locations, spread over four licence areas, offshore of Lincolnshire and North Norfolk, the furthest area being 27 miles off the North Norfolk coast. Overall, the work was completed port to port, Lowestoft, in less than 4 days... (read more)
2012-04-17 02:44:24

Offshore Wave Power Brought Onshore

In the summer of 2011, Orkney-based Scotrenewables launched its prototype floating tidal turbine, the SR250, designed to minimise the installation and maintenance costs of tidal energy compared to seabed-mounted tidal turbines.     The 33-metre long, 100 tonne SR250 is fixed to a mooring turret which is tethered to the sea floor. The construction of the turret allows the turbine to move with the direction of water movement, positioning itself automatically for optimal energy capture in much the same way that windmills turn to face the oncoming wind.   Harnessing the renewable power is just one part of the process,... (read more)
2011-10-07 12:00:00

Embracing the Importance and Value of Data

With one year left as President (name soon to become Secretary-General) of the IHO, it seems like a good time to consider where I think the world’s national Hydrographic Offices (HOs) need to go next. Simply said: “it’s no longer about charts and maps only - it’s now all about data and data access!”. Robert Ward, International Hydrographic Bureau, Monaco What do I mean? Well, when I look at the world’s national mapping agencies, I see a rapid move away from organisations existing to make and maintain a country’s national map collection to organisations acting as providers of the national... (read more)
2016-09-27 04:03:41

Sharing Spatial Data

Computer Aided Development Corporation Ltd (Cadcorp)
Cadcorp is a British software development company focused on geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping software. From its headquarters in Stevenage, UK, Cadcorp is growing both its direct and indirect sales into the hydrographic market – particularly with port and harbour authorities. Cadcorp was originally founded in 1989 to develop a CAD product. Cadcorp sold the product outright in 1994, and started the development of a family of Microsoft Windows-based GIS products. The first release of the Cadcorp Spatial Information System (Cadcorp SIS) was in 1995.Mike O’Neil, CEO and founder of Cadcorp, recalls the early years. ”We were able... (read more)
2014-10-15 02:32:15

Zuiderzee to MSDI

Right across from my desk I have put up a beautiful old hydrographic chart of the Zuiderzee. It's a facsimile by the Dutch Hydrographic Office of an 1852 chart, improved in 1859 and printed in Amsterdam by G. Hulst - Van Keulen. It shows depths measured in Amsterdam feet, an old local measure of the Zuiderzee which was then twice as big as the present IJsselmeer (the new name given to the Zuiderzee after it was dammed off from the North Sea in 1932) and an often dangerous estuary sea. I love the chart. I grew up on the banks... (read more)
2010-11-01 04:09:41

Marine SDI

Introducing Spatial Data Infrastructures
Global warming, climate change, rising sea levels and increased commercial exploitation of the seabed and sea space are important global indicators of a changing world environment. A crucial role is played by hydrographic and oceanographic spatial data in supporting response. Accurate and timely base reference information minimally comprises seabed topography and characterisation to which temporal information such as wave, tide and current can be referenced. In order to provide a complete picture, information held by HOs, National Mapping Agencies (NMAs), geologists, biologists and oceanographers can be brought together to provide solutions through enabling frameworks known as Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs).... (read more)
2007-07-13 12:00:00

Multi-purpose ENCs for Ports

How to Create and Maintain Them
Ports require access to a wide range of data and information to function safely and efficiently. Some of that data is acquired from external stakeholders but most is generated internally within the port. It is very often managed and held within a single software application, department or business function. Streamlining how a port manages its data, by adopting a more data-centric approach, can bring major benefits. OceanWise has been working with ports for over five years and has pioneered the concept of a port, when considered more widely, as being a maritime information infrastructure. The Maritime Infrastructure There is nothing... (read more)
2017-02-13 03:38:08

New Long-term Observatory for Arctic Ocean Observations

Scientists and engineers of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI, Germany) are starting work on a long-term observatory with observation stations from the Norwegian Sea to the Arctic Ocean. In the coming years, the AWI researchers intend to upgrade their existing long-term observatories along this key climatological interface into a comprehensive research infrastructure and deploy a wide range of modern marine technologies. The overriding objective is to be able to observe the changes in the ocean and its ecosystems from the surface to the deep sea with the aid of the new FRAM observatory.... (read more)
2014-10-23 09:00:00

Fugro: The history and Future

FUGRO, The Netherlands
Fugro, headquartered in the Netherlands, is the world’s leading independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions, collecting data, ... Fugro, headquartered in the Netherlands, is the world’s leading independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions, collecting data on topography, soil composition and environmental conditions, both onshore and offshore. Acquired data is organised, processed, interpreted and visualised whilst additional services include geo-related design, asset inspection and integrity advice. By Debra Barker, Fugro, UK Founded in 1962 by engineer Kees Joustra, the original business plan for the company included combining the practice of soil analysis with the theory of advice on foundation design. Over a period of more than fifty years of organic growth, mergers and an active acquisition policy... (read more)
2016-04-07 12:07:42

5 Questions to Sergey Travin

First IHO Assembly to Elect Secretary-General and Directors
During the first IHO Assembly taking place from 24 to 28 April 2017 in Monaco, the represented Member States will elect the new Secretary-General and Directors. The nominees present themselves by answering the same 5 questions. This multi-interview is available at www.hydro-international.com/iho-2017. Captain 1st Rank Sergey Travin, (Russian Federation), nominated for Director, answers 5 questions. Some coastal states are not yet members of the IHO. How do you envisage improving the number of the IHO Member States? Work on the attraction of new members to the IHO is well organised, and we can see real results. I cannot fail to... (read more)
2017-03-14 04:22:18
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