NAVSEA Contract for RD Instruments

RD Instruments was recently awarded an US$ 8.6 M build-to-print contract by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division, to manufacture the Navy’s newly designed Underwater Imaging Sonar (UIS). The UIS system was designed by the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL), University of Texas to replace the US Navy’s ageing ANPQS/2A units. The diver-held ANPQS/2A has been considered a mainstay for Navy EOD divers for over twenty years. The new UIS integrates a pulse scanning sonar with highly sophisticated electronics to produce a compact low magnetic signature package designed for hand-held diver applications. The UIS allows divers to search, detect,... (read more)
2003-10-23 12:00:00

Image Scaling System

Tritech has made available for rental several Image Scaling System (ISS) laser cameras. Utilising the very latest in laser technology, the ISS is capable of accurately measuring and video capturing almost any sub-sea image, which can then be e-mailed onshore without the need to wait for post-dive video tapes etc. (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00

New MDL Web-site

Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL) a designer, manufacturer and supplier of laser-based products and positioning and navigation systems, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary with the launch of a new web-site. MDL was established in August 1983, originally to design and manufacture speciality positioning and navigation systems for the offshore oil-related industries It has since focused development efforts on the Laser Optical field of 'Pulsed Time of Flight' laser range finding. Twenty years on, MDL products are supplied world-wide to the surveying, forestry, mining, ITS, industrial and traditional offshore markets. The Scottish laser Company decided to celebrate by re-vamping its web-site. (read more)
2003-11-11 12:00:00

ILMF2004 Registration

The International LIDAR Mapping Forum is pleased to announce that registrations are now being accepted for the ILMF2004 meeting. The two-day meeting will feature an expanded programme that, in addition to aerial LIDAR mapping, will also include dedicated sessions addressing airborne LIDAR bathymetry, 3D laser scanning (ground LIDAR) and software applications. Several workshops will also be available to registrants. The popular icebreaker reception and a complimentary continental breakfast and lunch will offer attendees the opportunity to network with others in the LIDAR mapping industry. The preliminary programme may be found on the ILMF Web-site. (read more)
2004-02-02 12:00:00

First SHOALS-1000T Survey

Thales GeoSolutions (Pacific) recently completed a hydrographic and topographic LIDAR survey with the SHOALS-1000T laser bathymeter, the first time that SHOALS-1000T has been used for commercial applications. This was also the first time that hydrographic and topographic LIDAR data have been collected from the same airborne sensor. The system toggles between the two modes in mid-flight at the switch of a button and also comes fitted with a co-registered digital camera. The project specified the collection of data on the north-eastern United States coast in order to determine the existing conditions of harbours and harbour entrances, mainly focusing on the... (read more)
2004-02-02 12:00:00

NAUTRONIX Orders Fanbeam 4 Laser Positioning Systems

NAUTRONIX PLC has recently placed a substantial order with Measurement Devices Limited also of Aberdeen for the supply of an undisclosed number of Fanbeam 4 Laser Positioning Systems. The value of the initial order is in excess of US$ 500K and is likely to increase over the next few months. The systems will be used in conjunction with Nautronix Dynamic Positioning Systems being supplied to multiple customers in various locations around the World. (read more)
2004-03-03 12:00:00

CDL to Develop Holographic Laser System (5-3-2004)

CDL are leading a 3 year Link/OSDA funded program to develop a subsea holographic laser based on the advanced research conducted by an academic team headed by Dr John Watson of Aberdeen University. Laser expertise will be provided by Elforlight UK Ltd. Digital Holography uses an electronic camera usually a CCD, to record data and images within a sample volume instead of using photographic plates or film. The sample is then reconstructed onto computer through specially developed software and provides the operator with a real-time 3-D computer model up to 3000 cm3. e-holocam will measure particles with an accuracy of... (read more)
2004-03-05 12:00:00

Deep Blue MicroROV Reaches Underwater Depths to 1000 Feet

VideoRay announced the VideoRay Deep Blue, an ROV that reaches to depths of 1000 feet (305m) to study bottom communities and monitor aquatic communities short or long term. The Deep Blue can be computer controlled from a laptop PC to open new possibilities for gathering and analysing biological and physical data. The Deep Blue has a built-in SeaSprite scanning sonar, which is ideal for performing ROV surveys o study dark waters or benthic communities near wells, as requested by the Minerals Management Service in the Gulf of Mexico. Compact, non-invasive, and fascinating to sea life, the Deep Blue hosts the... (read more)
2004-04-05 12:00:00

New Orders for Marine Electronics AUV Obstacle Avoidance Sonar

A US company and a Chinese company have ordered new titanium and aluminium versions of the successful Dolphin 6201 Obstacle Avoidance Sonar from Marine Electronics Ltd of Guernsey, UK. The lightweight metals can now be specified for the sonar’s “nose cone” housing and offer useful weight reductions over the existing stainless steel version. This is expected to increase the range of applications open to the Dolphin 6201 which has been specifically designed to meet the navigation and pilotage needs of AUV and ROV users. The new versions of the Dolphin 6201 will retain the performance characteristics of the previous model... (read more)
2004-04-09 12:00:00

Laser-Scan Support for UKHO

Laser-Scan has signed a contract with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), Ministry of Defence, for the support and maintenance of key operational production systems. The contract provides the UKHO with continued maintenance for two years to support chart production systems covering 3,300 charts. This includes both the Standard Navigational charts in paper form, and raster as the Admiralty Raster Chart Service (ARCS). The arrangement incorporates a Site Licence that will allow the UKHO to flexibly deploy and extend their existing application licences to meet developing operational scenarios. The support and maintenance element includes the application and database architecture suite... (read more)
2004-05-27 12:00:00
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