E-map Project for Powertech

A B$9.5 million project for the delivery of Brunei's national Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) was officially contracted end of April 2007 during a signing ceremony between the Ministry of Development and Selective Powertech Consulting, held at the Ministry of Development. Primary contractor Selective Powertech Consulting is a local ICT consultancy, specialised in implementation for e-government. The project team and major subcontractors include geomatics software company CARIS (Canada), its representative, Maicons Technology Sdn Bhd (Malaysia); and e-commerce and finance specialists, Dalpus Technologies (Brunei Darussalam). Completion of the e-Map project is estimated April 2008. The main components of e-Map are Framework Data... (read more)
2007-05-07 12:00:00

Raster Charts Entering GIS Era

OceanWise, UK, has developed a set of specialist tools and methodologies to identify specific content from raster charts. By removing all content to the landward side of the coastline, OceanWise has created a product which can be used seamlessly alongside terrestrial data and as a result is a more consistent and useful dataset for customers. Ever since the first paper nautical chart was scanned and georeferenced over three decades ago, the geographic information community has struggled to use them efficiently within GIS software and map making solutions. This is due firstly to the chart being designed for use as a... (read more)
2015-11-05 10:09:32

Hydrography and Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Autumn Symposium organised and hosted by the Southern Region of the Hydrographic Society UK was held on 27 October 2009 at Bradfield College, near Reading, and attracted an attendance of 80 professional surveyors, GIS specialists, academics and others drawn from industry and the government sectors. INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe (INSPIRE) derives from EU Directive 2007/2/EC, which sets out a general framework for a spatial data infrastructure (SDI). It was the marine component (MSDI) that provided a background to the day's papers and discussions. The keynote introduction came from UK national hydrographer, rear admiral Ian Moncrieff, who set... (read more)
2009-12-29 02:03:46

East Asia Hydrographic Community Receives MSDI Course

Marine data management and GIS specialist OceanWise has recently delivered its third course on Data Management, Database Design and Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) Capacity Building to the East Asia Hydrographic Commission (EAHC). The course was facilitated and hosted by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and supported by Esri, which undertook the practical elements of the course using Esri’s range of hydrographic production and MSDI software. Students from Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore gathered to learn more about the four ‘pillars’ of MSDI, namely policy and governance (people), technical standards,... (read more)
2013-10-22 10:22:27

CARIS Spatial Fusion Enterprise 5.2

CARIS is to release Spatial Fusion Enterprise (SFE) 5.2 as part of its Ping-to-Chart product suite. SFE is Web-enabling technology for geospatial information that aims at leveraging the investment of collecting and maintaining data by making it more visible and accessible to stakeholders. Web-mapping has been around for more than a decade and recent trends indicating an increasing awareness of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) have resulted in a growing need to Web-enable and share marine and hydrographic geospatial information.  There is an increasing need for organisations around the world to display their data assets on public and internal Web portals... (read more)
2010-03-04 09:11:30

Managing and Monitoring Dynamic Environments

TCarta Marine has made dynamic environments easier to monitor and manage with the introduction of its multi-scale Shoreline products. Offered in GIS-ready vector format, the Shoreline datasets are derived from satellite imagery and accurately delineate mean sea level for the land-water interface in coastal areas around the world. TCarta Marine is creating the Vector Shoreline Products at global, national and local scales for mapping applications like environmental protection, coastal infrastructure development and flood insurance rate calculations. Many of the Vector Shoreline Products are available off-the-shelf, while others are custom derived from archived or newly collected satellite imagery. Global and Regional... (read more)
2017-08-09 09:19:13

Hydrographic Elements of INSPIRE

Just before the INSPIRE Conference 2014 in Aalborg, Denmark, about 30 people sat together on board the Barkentina LOA, a beautiful tall ship. They discussed how to make better use of marine data within a Spatial Data Infrastructure. Professor Esben Munk Sørensen of Aalborg University and Ellen Vos of the Netherlands Hydrographic Service, Royal Netherlands Navy, organised this marine SDI workshop on Monday 16 June 2014. A short summary of the outcome is given below. As we know so little about the European waters and capturing marine data is costly, we need a European focus on marine SDI along the... (read more)
2014-09-02 11:44:14

Dynamic Calibration of ­Navigation Sensors Using GNSS Technology

New on the move approach of calibration for vessel navigation sensors
Over the years there has been a requirement to calibrate navigation (heading and motion) sensors and verify DGNSS systems on vessels working in the offshore oil industry. These calibrations are a requirement of oil companies and need to be undertaken prior to commencement of a project and/or at regular intervals throughout a project. This article covers the techniques and accuracies related to applying GNSS technology to vessel sensor calibration and verification. Historically, vessel sensor calibrations have been undertaken in port using traditional land survey techniques, where the vessel is moored alongside a quay. The current advances made in GNSS technology... (read more)
2013-09-06 03:37:40

30 Years of Success

Hydro International Interviews Salem E. Masry
Dr Salem E. Masry, president and chief executive officer of CARIS, accepted to be interviewed by Hydro international on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his enterprise. Dr Masry, a cake was cut on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of CARIS in its booth during the 4th Extraordinary International Hydrographic Conference in Monaco last June. Can you tell the readers a little about your career and how you had the idea of creating an enterprise that helps hydrographic institutions to manage the data they collect? My interest and work in hydrography started around 1976 when I was working... (read more)
2009-10-05 10:12:48

Expanding the Use of ­Survey Data to the Wider Business Community

Challenges Facing the Data Managers/Owners
The combination of technical advances in survey sensors, combined with the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and centralised data storage, has revolutionised the way in which digital survey data is acquired and managed. The result of these changes is the availability of the data to an entirely new set of users. The ease with which datasets can be selected, combined and displayed together has added genuine value to our data, and when we consider the additional decisions and business benefits that can be made from a single set of marine survey data, it has in one sense reduced the overall... (read more)
2013-09-06 03:32:35
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