Don’t Miss the Oi2020 Technical Conference

In the free-to-attend Oi2020 Technical Conference, you will hear from experts and thought leaders about a variety of disciplines in different sectors. Happening across the three days of the event, the technical tracks will focus on key areas of application and technology across the whole of the Oceanology range. Technical insights, updates on the industry and case studies will provide you with the information and inspiration you need for your futures projects. Check for details and the latest updates of each day programme. 1. Offshore Energy Development - Sponsored by Bibby Hydromap This conference track will explore the developments... (read more)
2020-03-05 08:46:31

UK Government and Southern Africa Cooperate to Develop the Marine Economy

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) are working with the Southern Africa and Islands Hydrographic Commission (SAIHC) to establish regulations and legislation that promote the growth of the region’s ocean economy. Across the world, we are becoming increasingly reliant on our oceans, depending on them for food, energy and livelihoods, these organizations say. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), our increasing dependence on this resource will mean our global ocean economy – which includes activities ranging from shipping and fishing to renewables – will grow to reach US$3 trillion by 2030.... (read more)
2020-03-02 10:07:16

Chartwell Marine Launches Scanwell Shallow Draft Survey Vessel

In response to calls from the scientific community, ports and industrial surveyors, Chartwell Marine, a pioneer in next-generation vessel design, has announced the launch of its Scanwell shallow draft survey vessel providing unparalleled standards of versatility and safety in one and half metre waters. The Scanwell range is available in multiple hull sizes – 10m, 12m, 15m and 19m – enabling use in a wide variety of applications, such as offshore energy, port infrastructure and scientific expeditions. There are already two vessels on order, the company says, the first of which has been recently delivered, a 10m survey vessel and... (read more)
2020-02-26 08:34:48

India’s National Institute of Ocean Technology Signs Contract for AUV System

Kongsberg Maritime has announced that contracts have been signed for the sale of a HUGIN AUV system to the Indian National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), located in Chennai, India. This sale has been conducted in collaboration with Kongsberg Maritime India, a subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime AS. The HUGIN AUV system ordered by NIOT is rated to a depth of 6,000 metres and will be equipped with a KONGSBERG HISAS 1032 synthetic aperture sonar and EM2040 multibeam echosounder, designed for hydrographic and seabed classification applications. It will also carry a high-resolution colour still image camera, plus a range of environmental... (read more)
2020-02-24 08:36:32


Ever since I was a young boy, I've always known what I wanted to be: a journalist. It has never been anything else, at least not for longer than a few days. I am not sure if the television show Lou Grant triggered my wish to report on whatever happens in the world for a newspaper or a radio station, but the series about a grumpy editor at the fictional newspaper Los Angeles Tribune certainly fuelled my ambition. I must have been around ten or eleven years old and probably didn’t understand the show at all, but I felt that... (read more)
2020-02-18 09:41:40

Woolpert Starts Acquiring Bathymetric Lidar Data of Saint Lucia’s Coastal Zone

The Woolpert-GDS Joint Venture (JV) has been contracted to acquire topographic and bathymetric lidar data of the Caribbean island Saint Lucia’s entire landmass and coastal zone. The contract was signed under the World Bank’s Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP), which aims to measurably reduce vulnerability to natural hazards and climate change in Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean Region. High-resolution, 3D lidar data has proved effective around the world in mapping and modelling landscapes and environments, helping policy-makers make informed decisions about how best to utilize resources to prepare for and recover from weather-related disasters. Flood Modelling According to a... (read more)
2020-02-11 09:25:57

Founder of the Five Deeps Expedition Launches New 2020 Voyage

Through collaboration between investor and explorer Victor Vescovo, Triton Submarines and EYOS Expeditions, the 2020 Caladan Oceanic expeditions will yet again visit never-before-seen ocean depths and famed historic sites. A first of its kind two-person research submersible, designed and manufactured by Triton specifically for extreme deep-sea exploration endeavours, will bring its stories of the voyage to the world in near real-time between February and July of 2020. The vessel, the Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) Limiting Factor, is the first commercially certified full-ocean-depth submersible. It will be transported and deployed into the ocean depths by the Deep Submergence Support Vessel (DSSV)... (read more)
2020-02-07 02:14:24

Salem Masry, an Icon in the Hydrographic World, Has Died

Salem Masry, an icon in the hydrographic world, died on 1 February. This was announced by his close relatives earlier this week. Salem passed away surrounded by his family after a long illness. He leaves behind his wife, Laila; his three children, Mark (Karen), Paul (Carrie) and Emily; his grandchildren, Kate and Luke; his sister, Samiha (Salah) and his nephew, Khaled. He was predeceased by his parents, Catrina and Ragheb and by his brother, Maged. Salem was born in Asyut, Egypt in 1938. His intelligence and work ethic was obvious even from an early age. After he completed his PhD in 1966... (read more)
2020-02-05 03:15:24

When Can We See an Image of a Fully Mapped Ocean?

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Schmidt Ocean Institute has come together with The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project for the joint signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to share all of its collected mapping data with the project. According to the Seabed 2030 Project, about 32 million square kilometres or 15% of the ocean has been mapped. The million square kilometre milestone is a big one for Schmidt Ocean, accounting for 3% of this mapping contribution and the discovery of 14 new underwater features. Schmidt Ocean Institute is one of more than 100 organizations to formally support the initiative. Seabed 2030 is a global initiative... (read more)
2020-02-02 08:42:10

NOAA Hydrographic Community Prepares for Field Season

Once a year, the NOAA hydrographic community meets at the Field Procedures Workshop in the US to not only share information but have frank discussions about their challenges and the path forward in preparation for the upcoming hydrographic field season. “The Field Procedures Workshop is the single most important event of the year for NOAA’s hydrographic community,” said Rear Admiral Shep Smith, director of the Office of Coast Survey. “NOAA has become a global leader in hydrography because we use the full breadth of our community to continually refine our practices and adopt the best available technology and tools.“ Themes of... (read more)
2020-01-31 04:01:37
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