CMS-Geotech Surveying for Galloper Project

Lowestoft-based multipurpose vessel MV FlatHolm finished off a busy year in 2016 with a successful charter to James Fisher Marine Services, undertaking a variety of service activities in connection with the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm during November and December. The Galloper project was busy, last year, with turbine foundation preparation and MV FlatHolm provided daily cover, making sure the site was clear and checking for hazards and obstructions which might have hindered operations with the scour protection rock placement work. Being based in Lowestoft, UK, MV FlatHolm was able to be on standby for any situation which might require immediate deployment, offering... (read more)
2017-02-14 02:04:28

Surveying a Greek Underwater Archaeological Site

Researchers from Plymouth University (UK) recently conducted a marine geoarchaeological survey off Methoni, Greece. The survey results from the sidescan survey presented digital sonograph records and georeferenced mosaics of the submerged prehistoric settlement ruins, the ancient harbour and its submerged breakwater, as well as records of historic shipwrecks, cannons and artefacts over the site. A Kongsberg GeoAcoustics dual-frequency sidescan sonar and the GeoPulse Pinger sub-bottom profiler were used for visualisation of underwater antiquities over the local underwater archaeological site, within the GE.N.ESIS project.  The results from the shallow seismic survey highlight profiles of semi-buried historic shipwrecks, numerous sub-seabed features of... (read more)
2013-12-16 02:43:55

Surveying Z-Boat Visible in Google Earth

Surveyors from Select Energy Services, San Antonio, USA, were surprised to see one of their remotely operated hydrographic survey vehicle’s activities photographed and incorporated into Google Earth. Water sourcing manager Justin Duke was preparing to embark on a hydrographic survey of a water holding pond for a natural gas fracturing operation in Texas. As the Google Earth image came into focus after he had entered the lat/long coordinates, a small yellow dot could be seen in the middle of the frac pit, and seemed to have a wake behind it. When he zoomed in, Justin saw his Z-Boat in the... (read more)
2012-12-18 09:46:45

NATO Surveying Borders of Cape Verdean Wildlife

NATO surveying borders of Cape Verdean Wildlife sanctuary prior to Exercise Steadfast Jaguar 2006. Prior to the NATO Response Force exercising off the Cape Verde Islands in June this year German Research Vessel FGS Planet will conduct a hydrographical survey of the borders of a Cape Verdean conservation area in order to ensure maritime vessels keep clear of a 200 metre depth contour. FGS Planet has surveyed the 200m contour line around the islands Brago, Razo and Santo Lucia from 07-14 April in support of NATO Exercise Steadfast Jaguar. The collected data will be handed over to the Cape Verdean... (read more)
2006-04-20 12:00:00

Surveying and Consulting in Coastal South America

Ezcurra & Schmidt
Ezcurra & Schmidt, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a diversified, independent and private consulting and field services firm, owned by Sergio Schmidt and Horacio Ezcurra, focused on finding solutions for oceanic, coastal and fluvial engineering and environmental problems. Our projects are usually located in Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay.   Founders Sergio Schmidt and Horacio Ezcurra were classmates at Instituto Tecnologico Buenos Aires, reading Oceanography. After graduating in the mid-1970s, Sergio pursued an academic research career and Horacio re-joined the Argentine Navy as surface officer oriented to Oceanography. In the early 1990s, Sergio, who had a PhD in Coastal... (read more)
2011-12-19 04:28:11

Economic Surveying in Middle-East and Siberia

No Limit Ships has received an order for a No Limit Professional from MRTS, Russia, for surveys in and around the Caspian Sea. The vessel is to be delivered in May 2012. In the end of last year, deliveries have been taking place of several vessels with jobs in the Middle-East. The No Limit Professional vessels facilitate surveying with a multi-beam echosounder at a high speed, which is economically attractive as a big area can be mapped in a short time. In the summer of 2010, a No Limit 1640 Professional has been transported to Qatar to survey in the... (read more)
2011-01-03 10:20:40

Surveying Japanese Inland and Coastal Waters

Technical Records Set for Lidar Penetration
In March 2015, Leica Geosystems conducted a series of demonstration surveys in Japan with the HawkEye III Airborne Topographic Bathymetric Lidar system. This demonstration was designed to prove the depth performance and general capabilities of the HawkEye III system in Japanese waters. It ambitiously targeted 13 geographically separated areas ranging from land-locked rivers, coastal estuaries and coastal strips to offshore islands and coral reefs. The HawkEye III successfully demonstrated its capabilities, collecting seamless datasets in diverse coastal and river environments as well as setting new records for depth penetration for both the HawkEye III deep sensor and the Chiroptera II shallow... (read more)
2016-04-04 10:16:39

CEESCOPE-USV Echosounder for Remote Hydrographic Surveying

CEE HydroSystems has announced the release of a singlebeam echosounder survey system, designed specifically for the growing number of shallow-water unmanned surface vehicle (USV) survey applications using both commercially-available and custom-manufactured remotely operated boats. The CEESCOPE-USV is an echosounder, GNSS and broadband radio telemetry package that can be installed on practically any remotely operated boat. As an entirely self-contained module requiring no interface with the USV, challenges of instrument data integration on the vehicle are minimised or eliminated. Rigorous data handling eliminates latency concerns resulting from radio transmission to the shore, and the CEESCOPE-USV brings a clear separation between the... (read more)
2016-06-13 10:26:25

Reconnaissance Surveying using Satellite-derived Bathymetry

Bechevin Bay, AK, Pilot for Survey Planning Approach
False Pass, AK, USA, is the eastern-most passage through the Aleutian Islands between the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean and provides a passage for small to mid-size vessels. The passage is considered an alternative route to Unimak Pass, AK for vessels from mainland Alaska and is estimated to be shorter by 160 to 240km. False Pass is closed every winter due to sea-ice cover that freezes the inlet system around October-November and melts only towards the spring (around March). As a result, the soft sediment of the seafloor contains mud and sand that may change the path of the... (read more)
2015-10-13 08:44:24

Surveying and Dredging in the Middle East

Interview with Charles Martin, Martin Mid East LLC, UAE
Charles Martin was born in Cape Town and schooled at Bishops, where he played moderate rugby, bad cricket and was a reluctant member of the choir for a few years. After a year compulsory internment in the South African Navy, he obtained a Civil Engineering Diploma and commenced his professional career by blasting away a large portion of Ben Schoeman Dock for Christiani Ham. He worked for Ham Dredging for eight years and National Marine Dredging Company in Abu Dhabi for twelve years before starting his own company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). What is the history behind Martin... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00
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