Focus ROVsEvery month we will focus on a specific theme, featuring a selection of articles which have previously been published in Hydro International magazine. By including a mix of older and more recent articles, we will present a complete recap of the subject. Furthermore, we will be bringing you a bi-weekly round-up of ‘Focus Stories’ related to the theme through our newsletter (sign up here). The theme for August 2017 is:


Hydrography uses them in various ways that we assume to be familiar: Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), They serve many applications – the choice of articles may be of inspiration for yours!

You can also read the 2016 Unmanned Systems Special magazine.

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High-resolution Structural Inspection of a Flooded Tunnel

Acquiring accurate data on the structural integrity of submerged tunnels, as well as shafts and underwater caverns, has long been a challenging and costly problem for water companies, hydroelectric schemes and mine operators alike. While dewatering of tunnels is one option t... (read more)
Must Read

ROVs in Use for Renewables

The renewable energy sector is a significant user of Saab Seaeye underwater vehicles. Already the world’s largest manufacturer of electric ROVs, Saab Seaeye also has a range of autonomous and tethered AUV/ROV hybrid systems that will extend the potential for remote ins... (read more)
About the Focus Stories

Every month we will focus on a specific theme, featuring a selection of articles which have previously been published in Hydro International magazine. to present a complete recap of the subject. If you don't want to miss these themed recaps, sign up for the newsletter (sign up here).


Maiden Voyage Surveyor Interceptor Moved ­Traditional Boundaries

You have heard of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), but you might not have heard of the SROV yet. The S stands for Surveyor, meaning that the SROV Surveyor Interceptor is the first ROV built solely for subsea surveys, such as pipeline inspections, seabed mapping and environ... (read more)

IMCA Publishes ROV Personnel and Vehicle Statistics

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA, UK) has long collected information, both on personnel working on remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and also on the types of ROV in operation. There has now been a thorough reassessment of the original reported data goin... (read more)

Underwater Detection of Crashed Airplane

The Indonesian Association of Marine Survey Contractors launched a survey operation in early January 2015 to support the Indonesian National Agency for Search and Rescue. The operation was aimed at searching for a commercial plane, Air Asia QZ8501, reported missing on 28 Dec... (read more)

Trends and New Technology in the ROV Industry

Over the past few years, the requirements for ROV support in the oil & gas sector has been hampered by the downturn in the sector. However, the continued investment in renewable energy has provided opportunities for manufacturers to continue their R&D projects to cre... (read more)

A New Solution for Subsea Metrology

Invariably, metrology is required at the critical stages of field development and the main goal for improvement is to reduce the time taken for acquiring data. The technique discussed offers significant improvements in terms of time and required equipment. Offshore Construct... (read more)

Hydroelectric Power Plant Inspections

In Brazil there is a legal requirement to inspect all hydroelectric dams and power plants (HPP) every five to ten years, but the methods to be employed for such inspection are not well-defined. Most of the work is currently done by autonomous scuba divers using visual and co... (read more)

Mission Towards ­Multirole Underwater Concept

Gabri S.r.l. is a company located in Genova, Italy, whose trade is in the AUV market. The company aims to set a new quality standard for the autonomous underwater vehicle market with its brand new project, Seastick. Gabri S.r.l. was founded in 2004 based on the experience in... (read more)

Trends in Hydrography

It’s often a cliché to say that everything offshore has changed since the introduction of GPS, but I really think it’s true, almost everything has changed since back then in the 1980s. The other obvious transformational technology has been computers and co... (read more)
ROVs News

ROV Workshops With Positive Outcomes

Oceanology International 2010, held in London last month, proved to be the ideal place for the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) to hold a dedicated workshop on remotely operated vehicle (ROV) umbilical and handling systems, the first being at IMCA's Annual... (read more)

Sub-Atlantic ROVs for Noordhoek

Sub-Atlantic will supply two Mohican ROV systems to Noordhoek Offshore. The agreement, worth GBP1,250,000 will see Sub-Atlantic deliver the ultra-high thrust inspection ROVs which are specifically designed for working for extended durations in high current and tidal location... (read more)

Prodive Purchase AC-ROV

Prodive Services (Tuzla, Romania) have purchased an AC ROV underwater inspection system from ACCESS Co UK. The 80m tether-remotely operated vehicle was specified to include a rear view camera and light system and an additional 100m tether with custom reel.   Mr Christi... (read more)

New Distributors for Ac-cess

Ac-cess (UK) has signed up three further international distributors for the AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System. The Scandinavian and Eastern-European companies are to expand the presence of the ROV manufacturer in their regions.     Based in Norway and headquar... (read more)

SeaBat 7125-ROV2 with FP3

RESON's SeaBat 7125ROV2 multibeam echo sounder comes with Feature Pack 3 (FP3). This pack contains new SeaBat multibeam technology for enhancing performance and efficiency. The Full Rate Dual Head (FRDH) has been developed for maximum data density up to 1024 beams per ping.... (read more)
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