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Sidescan Sonar

Side-scan sonar is often used to find objects on the seafloor and to inspect objects like pipelines or underwater constructions. Also fisheries, dredging operations and environmental studies are using this technique, along with military use for mine detection.

Focus: Sidescan Sonar

A Company with a Deeper Understanding

Sonardyne is an organisastion at the forefront of acoustic, inertial, sonar and optical subsea technology development. It tak... (read more)

Lessons Learned From the AF447 Search

It was a rainy day at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. The scenery reminds me of the Twin Peaks atmosphere. I am about to inte... (read more)

Ghostly Images Of HMHS Britannic

During a habitat mapping project at the Cyclades Islands (southern Aegean Sea - eastern Mediterranean Sea) which focused on t... (read more)

Identification of the ­Wreck of the U.S.C.S.S. ­Robert J. Walker

From 21 to 24 June 2013, a NOAA team from the Office of Coast Survey (OCS) and the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONM... (read more)

Waterside Mapping

Laser scanning and bathymetric side-scan sonar represent the cutting edge of environmental survey technology. Over the last f... (read more)

A Flooded Landscape Revealed

During the last week of a hydrographic survey of Lough Derg, Ireland’s third largest lake, the remnants of a preserved... (read more)

Underwater Detection of Crashed Airplane

The Indonesian Association of Marine Survey Contractors launched a survey operation in early January 2015 to support the Indo... (read more)

Automated Side-scan Data Analysis

Side-scan sonar is well accepted as a tool for detection and visualisation of underwater objects and is widely used in suppor... (read more)

Technology in Focus: Insides of Side-scan Sonar

Although today’s multibeam echo sounders come with a backscatter option the more traditional Side-scan Sonar (SSS) stil... (read more)

Relationship between Gas-bearing Sediments and Biogenic Mounds

Here we present the winning project of an industry-supported student research campaign, initiated in 2013 by Innomar Technolo... (read more)
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