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Underwater Detection of Crashed Airplane

The Indonesian Association of Marine Survey Contractors launched a survey operation in early January 2015 to support the Indonesia... (read more)
28/07/2015Dr. Poerbandono, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Lessons Learned From the AF447 Search

It was a rainy day at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. The scenery reminds me of the Twin Peaks atmosphere. I am about to interview... (read more)
29/01/2015Marck Smit, contributing editor, Hydro International

Deep-water Black-box Retrieval

Restricted operating life, limited range and bearing ambiguity in deep water are the known limitations of current locator beacons... (read more)
04/12/2009Nigel C. Kelland (retd), Hydrographic Society (UK)

Air France Flight AF 447

Air France flight 447, a scheduled passenger service from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to Paris (France), went missing on 1 June 2009 o... (read more)
26/06/2009Andrew Gerrard, contributing editor, Hydro international
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Multi Purpose Towed Vehicle

The Observer III Mariscope proposes a solution for scientists that need an underwater MPV. The unit is equipped wit... (read more)

Free ECDIS Seminars During Marintec China

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has published details of its free ‘Living with ECDIS’ Sem... (read more)

Predator ROV Elite System Keeps Station During Live Fire Mission

Seatronics, UK, has successfully triggered a Percussion Actuated Non-electric (P.A.N.) disrupter subsea, with its P... (read more)
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Senior Hydrographers and Younger Generations

Younger generations of hydrographers tend to be convinced that technological amenities, institutional development or company&rsquo... (read more)
13/10/2015Luis Salgado

Taking Care of the Sea

The sea was once only a highway for vessels and trade but this is now only one aspect of a spectrum of activities including the pr... (read more)
18/01/2013Rear Admiral Neil Guy, Maritime Affairs and Hydrographic Consultant
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Data Sharing Essential for EMODnet Development

The EMODnet Open Conference took place in Ostend, Belgium on 20 October 2015 and aimed to connect the 350 users, data providers, politicians, industry members and other stakeholders from Europe. The delegates received an update of the project from various angles and were able to see what has been achieved over the past years. The speakers emphasised the importance of sharing data and insights to increase the quality of the EMODnet offerings, thus contributing to the blue economy. In his opening address, Belgian Secretary of State for the Sea, B... (read more)
Seatronics Predator Inspection

The Predator, a 300m depth-rated inspection class ROV has been developed to meet the demanding markets for rugged and reliable underwater viewing systems.

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