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Hydro International is an independent media platform with its website, magazines and newsletters, that over the past decades has established itself as an accessible, reliable, respected and authoritative source of news and developments in the worldwide hydrographic sector. This goes a step beyond merely reporting on the latest technological innovations; many articles are focused on analysing trends and providing real-life examples of how new techniques and solutions are being applied in practice across the globe to achieve tangible benefits.

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Just some of the topics featured regularly include: Bathymetric data, processing and sensors, seafloor mapping, renewables, robotics & autonomous systems, uncrewed systems, machine learning & AI, satellite and UAV bathymetry, data management and the surveyors shortage. Advertising Option - Belly Band / Paper WrapperHydro International creates a neutral and objective space in which the four pillars of the hydrographic ecosystem – private-sector users of hydrographic solutions, public-sector users of hydrographic solutions, suppliers of hardware/software/services, and researchers/academics/advisors – can gain inspiration and learn from one another.

Independent Objective Role

By serving as an independent platform for information exchange, we ensure that our readers – active professionals in contract surveying and consultancy companies, hydrographic offices, research and educational institutes, dredging, construction, mining and energy companies, port, harbour, local and national government authorities – stay fully up to date on the very latest innovations and emerging opportunities.

Our objective role is underlined by our long-standing partnerships with numerous respected industry bodies, such as IHO. This enables Hydro International to contribute to driving future advancements by empowering the hydrospatial community to continue to push the boundaries for the benefit of society, both now and in the future.

Become part of the subsea surveying community

Besides keeping track of all the relevant developments in the sector as they happen, you are also welcome to actively foster knowledge-sharing within the community by submitting an article or news item.

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Hydrographic Industry Survey 2024

The Hydrographic Industry Survey 2024 revealed some great insights. These results can be found in the Hydro International Business Guide 2024. Big shout out to all the people who took the time to complete the survey. With an average of over 20 minutes per completed survey we can state that the survey was extensive, it also indicates that the respondents are engaged and invested in the survey, and that they are taking the time to provide thoughtful and detailed responses. We see this as a very positive sign that the survey is meaningful to our respondents and that they are taking our efforts to empower the subsea surveying community seriously.

Net Promoter Score of 42

A net promoter score (NPS) is a metric used to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is calculated by asking customers to rate the likelihood of recommending a company's product or service on a scale of 0 to 10. The score is then calculated by subtracting the percentage of customers who rate the company 0-6 (detractors) from the percentage of customers who rate the company 9-10 (promoters). The resulting score can range from -100 to 100, with a higher score indicating a higher level of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

42 Net Promoter Score® of Hydro International result of the Hydrographic Industry Survey 2023

Why does this matter?

A high NPS of a trade journal is important for advertisers because it indicates that the journal is well-regarded by its readers. This means that readers are likely to be more receptive to advertisements in the journal, which can lead to increased sales and brand recognition for Geomares.

High Trust Level

The survey results indicate also that the respondents trust trade journals, like Hydro International, the most, followed by manufacturers and dealers, and then social media. The majority of respondents rated trade journals as either medium or high in terms of trustworthiness, while the majority of respondents rated manufacturers and dealers as medium in terms of trustworthiness. Social media was rated the least trustworthy of the three sources, with the majority of respondents rating it as either low or medium in terms of trustworthiness.

How would you rate these information sources by trustworthiness social media?