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Our Slogan: It’s all About Facts and Figures

When I started writing this blog, I remembered a news item on an exciting expedition due to set off to the Arctic waters that was published on our website. It said: "On the evening of 10 August 2019, the research vessel Polarstern left her homeport in Bremerhaven, Germany. The purpose of the expedition is to conduct studies at a major long-term monitoring station in the Arctic: the AWI’s Hausgarten observatory in the Fram Strait.” Greatest Arctic Research Expedition of All Times "Her... (read more)
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Cees van Dijk, content manager Hydro International

At Hydro International, we are always searching for great stories and the most relevant news. So we are encouraging professionals to share their insights too. Are you interested in writing a blog about an exciting or unusual survey, a game-changing innovation, an opinion or groundbreaking research? If so, let me know and send me an email with your ideas. We are keen to expand our coverage with your blogs.

Cees van Dijk (

Content manager Hydro International.


Is the Arctic Ice Really Growing?

Completely contrary to the messages that we see every day, the ice on the North Pole would be thicker than the computer models predict. That is if we have to believe some stories. For example, this message on in which it was reported that the Kronprins Haakon, a Norwegian ice breaker, got stuck in more than three meters of ice and had to break off an e... (read more)

Building the Digital Highway

The development of autonomous shipping is making its way into our lives. This is presenting new challenges, but certainly also new opportunities. Autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) have slowly but surely managed to get a bigger footprint In the hydrographic surveying domain over the past few years. A survey performed during the Hawaiian volcano eruption demonstrated the be... (read more)

Navigating through the Unknown

I recently read the fascinating book 'The Island at the Center of the World', Russell Shorto’s masterpiece on the epic story of the Dutch colony centred on Manhattan that shaped New York, writes Wim van Wegen, content editor of 'Hydro International', in a recent column. It is also the story of great explorers such as Henry Hudson and the likes of Peter Stuyvesant, wh... (read more)

5 Things Every Surveyor Should Remember Before Heading out on their First Survey

The key to the success of any project lies in thorough preparation, and hydrographic surveys are no exception. In this article, Vitad Pradith from Teledyne Oceanscience provides five tips to help surveyors perform their important work efficiently, effectively and, above all, safely. 1. Initial System Preparation: Once you receive your vehicle, unpack it and give it a thoro... (read more)

Maritime Professionals Find Opportunities at Esri User Conference

There are vast applications for geographic information system (GIS) technology. Nowhere was this more apparent than the floors of the San Diego Convention Center, USA, during this year's annual Esri User Conference (Esri UC). The massive space was occupied by the many users, companies, government agencies and enthusiasts who benefit from Esri's ArcGIS platform. The&nb... (read more)
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