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This is How Underwater Instruments can Support Pioneering Tsunami Research

High-accuracy, long-endurance underwater instrumentation from Sonardyne Inc. is set to play a major role in helping scientists across the US better understand and possibly pre... (read more)

Ocean Impact Brings Organizations Together to Create a Sustainable Ocean

Based in Sydney, Australia, Ocean Impact Organisation brings together a multi-disciplinary ecosystem of founders & start-ups, marine experts and organizations, business me... (read more)

Indian Navy Carries Out Hydrographic Surveys in Sri Lanka

The Indian Navy's Sandhayak-class ship INS Jamuna, which recently arrived in Sri Lanka, will carry out detailed hydrographic surveys and several shore-based survey activities... (read more)

Chinese Researchers Link Greenhouse Gases to Ocean Circulation

A research team from the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has found that greenhouse gas emissions have played an important role in the acce... (read more)

Australia Improves Maritime Safety with South-West Pacific Partners

Shaping strategic policy in the fields of hydrography, nautical charting and related navigational safety was the focus of the South-West Pacific Hydrographic Commission Meetin... (read more)

Simulations Show Effects of Buoyancy on Drift in Florida Current

Acquiring a better understanding of how objects drift in the ocean has importance for a wide range of uses, such as tracking algae, predicting the locations of wreckage and de... (read more)

Two New Oceanographic Vessels Will Join the NOAA Fleet

NOAA is in the process of acquiring two new oceanographic ships as part of the agency’s fleet rebuilding effort. Once in service, the new ships will support a wide varie... (read more)