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Bubble Barrier Could Prevent Plastics from Entering the Oceans

A Dutch company says it has found a bubble-based solution for the tonnes of plastics that enter the oceans from rivers and canals. The company produces a bubble screen by pump... (read more)

Remote Hydrography Conference Rescheduled for May 2020

The Hydrographic Society UK has recently decided to reschedule its two-day Remote Hydrography conference (originally due to take place in late October 2019) for 6-7 May 2... (read more)

Subsea Contractor Orders 10th Saab Seaeye Falcon

Independent subsea contractor Film-Ocean has ordered its tenth Saab Seaeye Falcon, making the company one of the biggest fans of the world’s most popular underwater robo... (read more)

Arctic Sea-ice Cover Approaches Second-lowest Minimum Since Observations Began

The sea-ice extent in the Arctic is nearing its annual minimum at the end of the melt season in September. Now, just approx. 3.9 million square kilometres of the Arctic Ocean... (read more)

MSI Provides Metocean Data to Support Construction of Breakwater

MSI, a company that provides meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) measurement services, was recently contracted to install a range of equipment for a period of between... (read more)

Liquid Robotics Introduces New Wave Glider Platform

Liquid Robotics, a manufacturer of long-duration unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), is introducing its newest Wave Glider. The USV features advancements to shoreside operations... (read more)

Business Guide 2020

At Hydro International the editorial, sales and marketing team is currently preparing one of its most important issues of the year: the annual Business Guide. The 2020 edition... (read more)

Greatest Orgy in the World is in Danger

Coral reefs are among the most diverse and productive ecosystems on our planet. But due to climate change and other human stressors, reef-building corals that reproduce by mea... (read more)

Strong Gulfstream System in the Miocene Does Not Contradict Models

Differences in salinity of water masses drive the global ocean circulation. Model simulations show that the circulation can be weakened by high freshwater input in key regions... (read more)

SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

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