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Did the Phoenicians Reach the Americas Before Columbus Did?

Expedition leader Philip Beale, Yuri Sanada, a film producer, and ten crewmembers have embarked on an expedition to prove the possibility of the Phoenicians as the first ancie... (read more)

Watch the Arctic’s Sea Ice Slowly Disappear

New research finds the Arctic’s oldest and thickest ice is more mobile and is vanishing twice as fast as ice in the rest of the Arctic. Researchers have identified... (read more)

Scientists Discover World’s Largest Caldera In The Philippine Sea

A group of marine scientists has recently discovered a large igneous massif east of the island of Luzon, located on the bottom of the Philippine Sea. According to the study pu... (read more)

Fugro RAMMS Technology Benefits US Navy Mapping System

Fugro’s collaboration with Areté to develop the Rapid Airborne Multibeam Mapping System (RAMMS) has resulted in improved maritime domain awareness for the US Navy... (read more)

This Is How a Project With Deepest and Longest Moorings to Date Is Done

Metocean Services International nears completion of project with deepest and longest moorings to date. Since the company was founded in 2003, MSI has conducted hundreds o... (read more)

'Caribbean Faces Numerous Threats To Its Natural Resources'

TCarta Marine, a global provider of geospatial products and services, has opened an office in Kingston, Jamaica, led by Carol Fisher. Officially operating as a separate Jamaic... (read more)

Joint Guidelines to Improve Safety in Polar Waters Published

Maritime trade between Arctic destinations and the rest of the world is expected to expand. An increasing number of ships are now undertaking voyages in polar waters. Technica... (read more)