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There is Still Much to Be Discovered

More than 70% of the Earth is made up of oceans, yet the underwater domain is the least known area of our planet. Even now, in the technologically advanced 21st century, only an estimated 10% of the ocean floor has been mapped in detail. There is still much to be discovered.... (read more)

‘Hydrography is Both a Science and a Technique’

Chief weapons engineer Laurent Kerléguer was appointed director-general of Shom, the French hydrographic office, in July 2019. In this interview, Hydro International asks him about the latest developments regarding the world of hydrography, climate change and artifici... (read more)


Latest Case Study

A18D in Business for AUV Survey Services

As announced in early 2018, ECA Group signed a cooperation agreement for subsea robotic services to Oil & Gas companies with a leasing offer on its latest generation A18D AUV creating a new dimension for its AUV services activity. Throughout 2018, ECA Group conducted sev... (read more)

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Hydro International's Authors

Cassie Bongiovanni

Works at Caladan Oceanic LLC and is the Five Deeps Expedition hydrographic surveyor. (read more)

Dwight Coleman

Dwight F. Coleman, marine research scientist and the director of the Inner Space Center at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography in Narragansett, RI, is a geological oceanographer who focuses on ocean exploration expeditions, underwater archaeologica... (read more)





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