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Using Unmanned Surface Vehicles for Bathymetric Dam Imaging

Inspection of dams is a high-risk task for divers because of strong currents and eddies. The use of emerging technologies such as unmanned surface vehicles equipped with echosounders and sonars can lower those risks. Such systems can perform subsurface dam inspections quickl... (read more)

Subsea Autonomy is Moving Beyond Waypoints

The AUV has been the tool of choice for shallow-water MCM and EOD operations for a number of years. The coverage by popular news channels of unfortunate events, such as the MH370 tragedy, has also shown that the AUV has undisputedly become the tool of choice to carry out sal... (read more)


Latest Case Study

This Is How Airborne Multibeam Lidar Coastal Mapping in Paradise Is Done

The Rapid Airborne Multibeam Mapping System, RAMMS, was developed over a period of three years before it was officially launched in the summer of 2018. Senior hydrographer Richard Goosen describes how Fugro used the system for coastal and nearshore mapping at the paradisal T... (read more)

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Steve Holt

Systems and Integration Engineer with energetic, driven, and positive approach to systems planning, development, testing and project management of complex systems and system of systems. Roles have ranged from subject matter expert, team contributor, and team lead to deputy p... (read more)

Tim Janzen

Tim Janzen is a Hydrographer-In-Charge with the Canadian Hydrographic Service. He has 28 years of experience in hydrography, much of this time spent in the Canadian Arctic. Tim holds a BSc in Engineering, is a licenced Professional Engineer and holds a commission as a Canada... (read more)





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