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Sentinel-2 Coastal Charting Worldwide

It is widely and wrongly assumed that the world’s coastal regions have been surveyed in detail by modern techniques and that the resulting nautical charts are an accurate reflection of the nature of the seabed. This optimistic approach is not shared by the world’... (read more)

Next Step in Your Hydrographic and Surveying Career

Certification is the next step in your hydrographic and offshore surveying career, according to experienced hydrographic surveyor Bruce Calderbank. The Canadian Hydrographer Certification Scheme (CHCS) is a global scheme just as with the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyor Ce... (read more)


Latest Case Study

Using the Apache Unmanned Survey Vessel

This paper explores the various features of the Apache USV series for efficient seafloor-level mapping. The CHCNAV hydrographic survey software is used for data recording and analysis. It provides results in the form of 3D models of the ground, contours and depth. (This stor... (read more)

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Joanne Masters

Joanne Masters is president of Masters and Masters, a full service marketing and communications consulting firm. With decades of experience in high technology sales and marketing to the Defence, Science and Commercial markets, Joanne specialises in helping clients in aspects... (read more)

Alexandros Chronis

Alexandros Chronis is a Master student of the Coastal Zone Management Programme at the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece. He holds a BSc of Marine Sciences from the University of the Aegean. (read more)





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