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The Dutch Marine Energy Centre

Marine energy refers to the renewable energy that can be generated from oceans, seas and rivers. The marine energy resources are contained in waves, tides, differences in salinity gradients and water temperatures. The Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) builds strategic collab... (read more)
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Janine Nauw

Janine Nauw is a researcher working at the Coastal System Sciences at NIOZ. She has vast experience in estuarine hydrodynamics, sediment and fish larvae transport, as well as in methane dispersion in a marine environment. Janine has a PhD in physical oceanography from Utrech... (read more)
Case Study

iXblue’s Sub-bottom Profiler Solution

The need for lake & river surveys constantly increases as human activity expands in these areas. While navigation remains a main focus, nowadays other applications such as hydraulic construction inspection, biomass and resource control, pollution tracking or historical s... (read more)






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