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Publishing director: Durk Haarsma, email: [email protected]

Content manager: Wim van Wegen, email: [email protected]

Editorial Board:

  • Marck Smit
  • Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk
  • Mark Pronk
  • Duncan Mallace
  • Auke van der Werf

Contributing Editors:

  • RADM Giuseppe Angrisano (retd)
  • Andrew Armstrong (USA)
  • Gary Chisholm (New Zealand)
  • Safaruddin Kamaruddin (Malaysia)
  • Cdr. Ayovedi Olugbode (Nigeria)
  • Andrew Leyzack (Canada)
  • Albert 'Skip' Theberge (USA)

Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Rear Admiral Chris Andreasen (retd), NGA Maritime Safety Office, USA
  • Michael Bergman, president, CIRM, Germany
  • Rear Admiral Shepard Smith, director of NOAA's Office of Coast Survey
  • Rear Admiral (retd) Dr. Neil Guy, Maritime Affairs and Hydrographic Consultant, South Africa
  • Dr. John K. Hall (retd), Geological Survey of Israel, Israel
  • Abri Kampfer, Hydrographer, South Africa
  • Nick Lambert, Nick Lambert Associates Ltd, UK
  • Prof. Dr. Mohd Razali Mahmud, Director of the Centre for hydrographic Studies, Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Engineering of the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Edward J. Saade, President Fugro Earth Data, Inc, USA
  • Luis Salgado, President, Desmar Ltd, Chile
  • Mark Sinclair, service line director Hydrographic Services Asia-Pacific and managing director Fugro LADS Corporation, Australia
  • Robert Ward, Secretary General, International Hydrographic Organization, Monaco
  • David Whitcombe, Chief surveyor for Europe, Shell, UK

Financial director: Meine van der Bijl
Design: Zeedesign
Content Marketeer: Pyter-Anne Kuppens
Account manager: Feline van Hettema

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