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Featured Authors

LT Christine Schultz

LT Christine Schultz is an officer in the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps serving as the technical o... (read more)

Amy Gresty

Amy Gresty started her career as an offshore geophysicist and now works in the commercial department... (read more)

Jens Lowag

Jens Lowag works as a project manager for Innomar Technologie GmbH. He holds a Master of Research in... (read more)
Contributors to Hydro International

Adrian McDonald

Adrian McDonald is vice president sales of CEE Hydrosystems. Before this assignment, he was the sales and marketing manager at Teledyne Oceanscie... (read more)

Aharon Sade

Aharon Ronnie Sade is  the owner and MD of Yam-yafo Ltd. - a firm that provides marine and subsea data management services to the offshore i... (read more)

Alan Jamieson

Senior lecturer in deep-sea biology at Newcastle University’s School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and chief scientist on the Five Deeps... (read more)

Alexandros Chronis

Alexandros Chronis is a Master student of the Coastal Zone Management Programme at the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of the Aegean,... (read more)

Alex Sinclair

Alex Sinclair is managing director at Marlan Maritime Technologies, with over 20 year experience in a range of engineering disciplines. He holds a BEn... (read more)

Al Rumson

Al Rumson is Innovation Lead for Sulmara Subsea, a fairly young subsea service provider who aim to be disruptive and innovative. His work involves sou... (read more)

Alvaro Sanchez

Alvaro Sanchez is the Deputy Director responsible for charting quality assurance, standards, and specifications at the Australian Hydrographic Office.... (read more)

Andrea Spitzner

Ms. Spitzner completed her studies in Physical Geography in 2009, specialising in climatological geography and atmospheric research. She moved from th... (read more)

André Sabino

André Sabino is a PhD student at Departamento de Informática, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal, where he develops research in... (read more)

Andrew Armstrong

Andrew Armstrong is the NOAA co-director of the NOAA/University of New Hampshire Joint Hydrographic Center. Along with his UNH counterpart, he manages... (read more)

Andrew Orthmann

Andrew Orthmann manages NOAA charting work for TerraSond. He has 16 years of experience in the field of hydrographic survey, consisting of 9 years for... (read more)

Andrew Ternes

Andrew Ternes is a Hydrographic surveyor at the Port of Melbourne Corporation where he has undertaken single beam, Multibeam, side-scan and seismic da... (read more)

Andy Hamflett

Andy Hamflett is an experienced researcher and thought leader with a keen interest in socially and ethically responsible projects with potential to sc... (read more)

Andy Hoggarth

Andy Hoggarth, Director of Business Development at Teledyne CARIS, has been with the company for over 17 years. Beginning his geospatial career a... (read more)

Andy Plater

Andy Plater is professor of Physical Geography and head of Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Liverpool. His research focuses o... (read more)

Anke Cotteleer

Ir. A. (Anke) Cotteleer studied marine technology at Delft University of Technology. She started her career in the offshore industry as a marine engin... (read more)

Anna Dunaeva

Anna Dunaeva is working as key account manager at NORBIT Subsea. (read more)

Anna Manning

Anna Manning is an Oceanographer for the Naval Oceanographic Office’s Hydrographic Quality Assurance Branch in the Hydrographic Department. She... (read more)

Anne-Cathrin Wölfl

Anne-Cathrin Wölfl is a postdoctoral research associate in the research division Dynamics of the Ocean Floor at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for O... (read more)

Anthony Pyne

Anthony Pyne is general manager at EGS Survey PTY Ltd (Australia). He studied BSc (Hons) Oceanography with Geology. The EGS Group... (read more)

Antonio Di Lieto

Antonio Di Lieto is a  senior instructor at CSMART, Carnival Corporation’s Cruiseship Simulation Centre. He has sea-going experience as hyd... (read more)

Armanda Rodrigues

Armanda Rodrigues is an assistant professor at Departamento de Informática, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal, where she teaches courses an... (read more)

Arno Meurink

Arno Meurink is a cartographer at the Netherlands Hydrographic Office. After working for almost ten years at the photogrammetry department of Fug... (read more)

Ashley Chappell

Ashley Chappell earned a B.A. in Geography from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1991, and a Master's degree in Geography and Cartog... (read more)

Aurélie Maspataud

Aurélie Maspataud earned a PhD in Coastal Morphodynamics in 2011. She worked in French academic positions and geomatics for 3 years. She joined... (read more)

Avi Dror

Commander Avi Dror is hydrographer at the Israeli Navy, where he serves as head of the Hydrographic Branch. Prior to this position, Dror was head of t... (read more)

Axel Banasch

Axel Banasch graduated in mechanical engineering from Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany, and has more than 20 years of experience... (read more)

Aymeric Buatois

Aymeric Buatois is a SCADA development engineer at Torcado, where he is in charge of the development of the software tools to communicate with the tur... (read more)

Barbara Bond

Barbara Bond spent her career in public service as cartographic researcher in MoD, initially in the forerunner of the Defence Geographic Centre a... (read more)

Barry Gallagher

Barry Gallagher is an IT Specialist with the NOAA Office of Coast Survey for more than twenty-five years. He works as a software developer at the Hydr... (read more)

Bart-Jan Ruesink

Bart-Jan Ruesink has a background in Civil Engineering and worked as a construction surveyor on a number of construction projects in the Netherlands.... (read more)

Bart Spelt

Bart Spelt is project manager of the WTI measurement programme. He received his degree in electronic engineering from Alkmaar University in 1997.... (read more)

Bas Binnerts

Bas Binnerts received his MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Structural Dynamics and Acoustics in 2012 from the University of Twente. In 2012, he joined t... (read more)

Bas de Kruif

Bas de Kruif received his MSc and PhD in control engineering at Twente University, the Netherlands. He has been working between industry and academia... (read more)

Bas Van de Sande

Bas van de Sande is a GIS expert with a background in spatial planning and development, focused on the Marine and Maritime Sector. He works for CDR In... (read more)

Becky Childs

Becky Childs is technical services manager at Ocean Scientific International Ltd. (OSIL), a United Kingdom-based specialist in the provision of tailor... (read more)

Ben Frederiks

Ben Frederiks studied marine biology and hydrography and started working at Rijkswaterstaat in 2015. His current position is as a hydrographic surveyo... (read more)

Benjamin Busse

Benjamin Busse is a UAV pilot and expert in cartography and geomatics at the Karlsruhe-based Ingenieur Team GEO engineering office. (read more)

Bill Hanot

Bill Hanot is vice president, co-owner and co-founder of Sound Metrics Corp.  He was the primary electronic and software designer of various acou... (read more)

Bo Krogh

Bo Krogh, senior surveyor, has more than 35 years’ experience in hydrographic, engineering, environmental and archaeological survey projects, in... (read more)

Brian Calder

Brian Calder is a Research Associate Professor and Associate Director at CCOM/JHC (UNH, USA). He is currently focusing on statistically robust automat... (read more)

Bruce Calderbank

Bruce Calderbank, FRICS, CLS, CH, P. Eng, a Certified Hydrographer Level 1, Chartered Hydrographic Surveyor, Chair, and part of the Canadian Hydrograp... (read more)

Bruce Parker

Dr. Bruce Parker is the former chief scientist of the National Ocean Service (NOS), NOAA, and former director of the Coast Survey Development Lab... (read more)

Capt. Albert E. Theberge

Albert E. Theberge (Skip)'s career as a coast surveyor followed a somewhat ­traditional path. He graduated from the Colorado School of M... (read more)

Capt. Barry Lusk

Barry Lusk's company has set up his company Lusk Hydrographic Expertise in 1995 to provide hydrographic services to industry. He concen... (read more)

Carlotta Toso

Carlotta Toso received her Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences at Università Cà Foscari of Venice in 2017, cooperating for h... (read more)

Carly Nichols

Carly Nichols works at Bluewater Energy Services, assisting the project engineer and asset manager and often acts as interface engineer between the 10... (read more)

Carol Fisher

Carol Fisher is a partner in TCarta Caribe and serves as Programme Manager and Lead Hydrographer in the Kingston office. Born and raised in Jamaica, s... (read more)

Carol Lockhart

Carol Lockhart is a Project Manager and a Hydrographer. She has been surveying for over 20 years and was the owner of Geomatics Data Solutions (GDS),... (read more)
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