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Subsurface Innovations Theme Weeks

From 1 November to 5 December, the Subsurface Innovations Theme Weeks focus on innovations in measurement systems and new measurement systems, innovations in software (both recording and processing), and new applications (use of data).

Through a series of articles, we will immerse you in new approaches to hydrographic data acquisition and processing, as well as automatization and digitalization. We will also zoom in on the integration between hydrographic data acquisition and processing. Through the Subsurface Innovation Theme Weeks, the Hydro International audience will be informed on the latest trends and developments and grow their knowledge on improved methods and technologies in hydrographic surveying.

Latest Stories

Who Is Going to Map the High Seas?

Who Is Going to Map the High Seas?

To achieve the aggressive goals of Seabed 2030, uncrewed survey systems must be used to augment more traditional ocean mapping efforts, particularly on the high seas. In addition to providing a much-n...

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Subsurface Innovation Theme Weeks