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A Comparison of Five Main Metrology Techniques in Use Today

Subsea metrology is the process of acquiring accurate measurements for the connection of subsea structures and pipelines. IMCA’s guidance covers the most commonly used techniques today. These are long baseline (LBL) acoustics, both diver taut wire and digital taut wire... (read more)

SHOA on the Move

In 2002, the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA) established a Research and Development Department. This was to provide an independent group devoted to the investigation, development and implementation of new technologies for the management of i... (read more)

First Officially Approved Electronic Chart System

Italy is the first nation officially to adopt ECS systems - other than ECDIS - as equivalent standard to paper charts. The approved ECS systems, as defined by issued standard, are devoted to Italian pleasure boats and fishing vessels not SOLAS compliant. Since 10th July 2002... (read more)
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Bridge Team ECDIS Training as Subscription

ECDIS Ltd, UK, has launched an annual service in conjunction with the top 20 questions used for ECDIS Audit Inspections and the Inspectors ECDIS Cours... (read more)

Hydrographic Academy Students Experience SeaBat T50-P

As part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Hydrography course, students at The Hydrographic Academy, UK, participated in field activities to gain pra... (read more)

Developments in Highly Accurate Immersed Tunnel Positioning

Netherlands-based positioning specialist Geocon was awarded a contract for the immersion of one of the deepest and longest immersed tunnels in the wor... (read more)
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Hydrography Will Be Big Contributor Filling the Digital Aquarium

The new Secretary-General of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) Mathias Jonas has had a long career, now culminating in the highest ran... (read more)
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Industry Brings Innovation to Inspire the New Generation

For the fifth year in a row, the Lake Survey was held in the Netherlands. This year Teledyne CARIS collaborated with Boskalis and Fugro in a one-week all-encompassing practical survey week. From 26 to... (read more)
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A Decade of Outreach, Influence and Awareness at the IHO

Having served in the IHO Secretariat for ten years, Robert Ward recently handed over the Secretary-General  baton to his long-standing friend and colleague Dr Mathias Jonas. In this column, he looks back on a decade in which he regards improved outreach, influence and awareness as the... (read more)
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Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper is the vice president of CARIS USA and the current president of the Hydrographic Society of America. He is also vice president of the US National Section of the Pan American Institute of Geography and History and a board member of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Associ... (read more)
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Hydro International started out as a print magazine in 1996 and soon developed into a the multimedia platform it is today, featuring a successful website (http://www.hydro-international.com) and respected weekly newsletter.

Cover Hydro International Magazine May June 2016Hydro International magazine is published eight times a year. The magazine is international in scope and focuses on bringing to its readership topical overviews and the latest news and developments in the technology and management of hydrographic activities.

Hydro International seeks and publishes the opinion of leading hydrographers on the state
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Hydro International goes straight to the desk of key decision-makers in the international hydrography arena and is directed at commercial, academic and government professionals all over the world, people at the leading edge of managing, implementing and procuring hydrographic equipment and services. Our audited readership is involved in a diverse range of activities involving hydrography.

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Cover Hydro International Magazine May June 2016

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