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High-resolution Structural Inspection of a Flooded Tunnel

Acquiring accurate data on the structural integrity of submerged tunnels, as well as shafts and underwater caverns, has long been a challenging and costly problem for water companies, hydroelectric schemes and mine operators alike. While dewatering of tunnels is one option t... (read more)
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Video: SurvTech Selects NEXUS 800 for Aerial MappingVideo: Wind Speed Data Based on Ocean SurfaceVideo: New Multi-Purpose Work Vessel Completed
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“Hydrographically Developed Countries Should Reach Out to Developing Countries”

Oriental countries are dedicated to the hydrographic profession but don’t often beat the drums in order to be heard. There’s a lot of work... (read more)
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A Comparison of Five Main Metrology Techniques in Use Today

Subsea metrology is the process of acquiring accurate measurements for the connection of subsea structures and pipelines. IMCA’s guidance covers the most commonly used t... (read more)
EdgeTech designs, manufactures, sells and supports underwater technology solutions.  The company has been serving the marine industry for over 50 years with commercial off-the-shelf and customised underwater systems.  EdgeTech sonar systems include side-scan sonar systems, sub-bottom profilers, bathymetry systems and combined and modular systems.  The solutions are available in a...
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Sea Vision

For most of my naval career, senior colleagues bemoaned the curse of sea blindness, a perception that increased in volume around the time of government reviews of defence and the inevitable scrutiny of naval budgets and resources. We thought ourselves to be ‘out of sight, out of mind’, w... (read more)
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