Hydro International: Business Guide 2019

HI Business Guide 2019

The 2019 edition of the Hydro International Business Guide contains a mix of articles that zoom in on various survey and mapping methods and technologies, such as bathymetry Lidar and AUVs. This issue contains:

- Company Profiles
- Hydrographic Surveying: Where Do We Stand
- The Study of Mapping the Seafloor
- Emerging Trends in Bathymetric Lidar Technology
- Unmanned Surface Vehicle Trends and Insights
- The Advancing Technology of AUVs

Emerging Trends in Bathymetric Lidar Technology

Emerging Trends in Bathymetric Lidar TechnologyA surging interest in remote sensing and analytics has seen technology developments linked to these domains take off as we head into 2019. Airborne Lidar bathymetry (ALB) is no exception to recent innovations, especially with the growing recognition in the importance of high-resolution data to inform management of our oceans, seabed and coastal zone. In our recent discussions with ALB manufacturers and experienced operators, several significant new developments were revealed. Read on...

Advancing Technology of AUVs

The Advancing Technology of AUVs.In the commercial sector, the number of companies offering AUV services has grown too and new concepts of operations have been developed to adapt their use. As an example, Ocean Infinity operates multiple AUV systems from a single vessel, enabling faster data acquisition. The success of this application was demonstrated by the search for and discovery of the ARA San Juan submarine. Read on...

USV Trends and Insights

Unmanned Surface Vehicle Trends and Insights.Advances in USV technology and increased demand are expected to drive the USV market over the coming years. Geomares, the publisher of Hydro International and Geo-matching, has analysed the user data and behaviour of thousands of members of the global hydrographic community. This article presents the findings of the analysis, identifying the latest trends and sharing insights on the outlook for unmanned surface vehicles. Read on...

Hydrographic Surveying: Where Do We Stand

Hydrographic Surveying: Where Do We StandHydrographic surveying is highly specific and requires a suite of advanced acquisition and positioning sensors attached to a mobile survey platform as well as sophisticated software to allow the correct combination of all the data. For those within the industry, the advances over the last decade may feel more like an evolution rather than a revolution. If we look back one, two or even three decades we can see the enormous leap that hydrographic surveying has taken. Where do we stand, and what can we expect for the near future? In this article we will look at the present compared to the past and will try to give an insight into the near and more distant future. Read on...

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