Dr Mike Osborne, managing director of OceanWise, is an oceanographer and marine data specialist. He worked in the oil & gas sector as a consultant across the world before heading up the informatics operation at Metoc Ltd. He set up OceanWise in 2010 as an independent marine data management company providing specialised data products and services and data management advice and training.


Will Hydrographic Geospatial Data Pass the Fit-for-purpose Test?

In 2017, OceanWise outlined the work of the UN-GGIM. The Committee of Experts endorsed the terms of reference for establishing a Working Group on Marine Geospatial Information. Here, Dr Mike Osborne and John Pepper provide a timely update on what has been happening since then. The United Nations Co... (read more)
SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

SEAEXPLORER Underwater Glider

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