Dr. Ir. C.F. (Rolien) van der Mark studied Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. She did her PhD research at Twente University on river bed forms. She is an expert in the field of inland shipping and river dynamics at Deltares where she is responsible for the portfolio and R&D programme ‘Inland waterways’. She has been involved in and in charge of consultancy and research projects dealing with navigability of inland waterways, river hydraulics and morphology and numerical modelling. Van der Mark is involved in the Dutch CoVadem initiative in which a fleet of inland ships continuously measures underkeel clearance, and this data is aggregated in a smart way and given back to the skippers for the purpose of more efficient sailing. Examples of other projects are the effects of measures on maintenance dredging, impact of drought on navigation in the Dutch rivers, impact of larger ships and propeller jets on bed and banks of the Gouwe. Furthermore, she is involved in the development of a Deltares Toolbox for River and Inland Shipping.