Aquatic Drones


Aquatic Drones

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About Aquatic Drones

Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring of Waterways, Ports & Sea

Deeper insight - less costs - smaller footprint

Inspection and monitoring of:

  • Hydrographic surveys (bathymetry)
  • Quays, dams, locks, bridges
  • Safety & security
  • Water quality & sampling
  • Ship hulls
  • Fish counts
  • Marine ecology
  • Oil spill detection
  • Wind turbines at sea

and more data collecting...

Technology for Human Progress

Today’s challenges in the field of river, ports and sea monitoring and maintenance are complex requiring a multidisciplinary approach. We develop sustainable solutions in open collaboration with technical frontrunners, customers, development partners, research institutes, suppliers and experts, exploring the deeper questions and broader context. To bring economic and ecologic goals both in balance. We manifest the highest value for human progress: smart, safe and sustainable.

Current situation

  • There is a great need for maintenance data, but the costs are high
  • Most application areas demand not one but multiple data collection
  • Water authorities and industries do not always have full insight in the effects of interventions in maintenance and the underlying causes

Triple Technology

Aquatic Drones are maritime robots that collect data autonomously.

  • Multi-use surface vessel with a wide range of sensors
  • Autonomous operating system with object detection and avoidance
  • Data analytics, interpretation and predictive maintenance models

Full Data Service

Authorities and companies who manage and maintain assets in water are asking for effective data to carry out maintenance.

"We deliver data processing and predictive maintenance models that fit our clients’ workflows and software. More data, less costs, more effective interventions"