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About EchoLogger

Echologger leads in underwater sonar tech, specializing in ultra-compact echosounders and imaging sonar devices. Its solutions cater to professionals and organizations that include bathymetry providers, oceanography researchers, marine biologists, environmental agencies, infrastructure inspectors, energy companies and government agencies. 

Renowned for their precision and portability, Echologger echosounders offer accurate depth measurements and intricate underwater mapping. Paired with imaging sonar devices, they empower users to integrate seamlessly onto USVs and ROVs, enhancing precise underwater monitoring and data acquisition. 

Echologger takes pride in contributing to advancing underwater monitoring as a preferred partner. Its commitment extends to supporting critical applications in environmental assessments, infrastructure projects and scientific research. Echologger remains at the cutting edge of technology development through continuous R&D.



Dual Axis Scanning SONAR, DASS is a real-time 3D imaging sonar which can be deployed in stand-alone mode or daisy chain mode using an RS-485 network. The 3D poi...

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Echologger DU-BS21

DU-BS21 is a portable Bluetooth module for our echosounders (Echologger ECT400, ECT D24, ECT D052 and ECT D032). Now you do not need a cable from echosounders t...

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Super light mini scanning sonar MRS900S. MRS900S is made of fully plastic materials, weighing only 380g (140g in water).  There is no metallic part exposed to w...

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Geo-matching MRS900L

A new product, lighter version of ultra compact scanning sonar, MRS900L was launched through Ocean Business 2017 in Southampton.  Weight of MRS900L is only 410g...

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ECT D032 / EU D032

Ultracompact dual-frequency echosounder (30kHz & 200kHz) for altitude measurement, sediment move monitoring, bridge scour monitoring, harbour security and wave/...

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Find detailed technical information about the ECT400 and view brochures, videos and case studies and compare it with other similar products

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Autonomous Altimeter AA400

Find detailed technical information about the Autonomous Altimeter AA400 and view brochures, videos and case studies and compare it with other similar products

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