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K.U.M. Umwelt- und Meerestechnik Kiel GmbH
K.U.M. Umwelt- und Meerestechnik
Wischhofstr. 1–3 Gebäude 15/16
24148 Kiel
K.U.M. Umwelt- und Meerestechnik Kiel GmbH
About K.U.M. Umwelt- und Meerestechnik Kiel GmbH

K.U.M. – Specialists for the depth

The company K.U.M. Umwelt- und Meerestechnik Kiel GmbH stands for innovative quality products, professional services and custom-built solutions in marine research. As competent partner in maritime science and economy the middle-sized company founded in 1997 and located at Baltic Sea is internationally in great demand.

An important focus constitutes the continuous development of Ocean-Bottom-Seismometer-Systems for the detection of subsea seismic movements (seaquakes). The use of titanium, this light, corrosion-free, pressure-proof material of high quality, offers excellent conditions for deep-sea operations up to 6000m and even more. From the smallest screw to complete instruments carriers are all devices in titanium available.

Besides K.U.M. provides comprehensive services, for example operators on research vessels, instrument training, individual consultancy and realization of special requirements in close collaboration with the customers. In doing so the highly motivated and committed K.U.M.-team – some of them work for more than 30 years in marine engineering – guarantee first-class services as well as innovative thinking and actions.

For information, please contact us by phone ( +49 431 7209220) or e-mail ( kum@kum-kiel.de) or visit our website here.

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