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About Marine Advanced Robotics, Inc.

 Marine Advanced Robotics, Inc.


Our Mission

We are creating the future of marine robotics for the Blue Economy. Our WAM-V® is a technological leap forward in ASVs (Autonomous Surface Vessels) with proven effectiveness to support multiple marine industries. WAM-Vs increase operational capabilities, decrease risk, lower cost, save time and can be disassembled for economical shipment anywhere in the world.


Our Technology

The Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V) is an innovative class of watercraft using a unique technology that radically improves seagoing capabilities. The articulating system uses springs, shocks and ball joints to minimize structural loading. The result is an ultra-light vessel that can perform in sea conditions where an ordinary boat of similar size could no longer operate.


Our Capabilities

  • Hydrography
  • Remote Observation
  • Systems Delivery
  • Oceanography
  • Marine Salvage
  • Dredging Surveys
  • Habitat Study
  • Disaster Response
  • Marine Infrastructure Inspections


About Us


Marine Advanced Robotics, Inc. (FKA Marine Advanced Research, Inc.) was founded in 2004 by a small group of Silicon Valley innovators. In 2007, the 100 ft (30 m) Proteus was launched in the San Francisco Bay, introducing the WAM-V (Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel) to the world. For the past decade, we have continued to design, manufacture, and refine the WAM-V technology. WAM-Vs currently operates in 10 countries and range in size from 2.5 m to 30 m in length.


Marine Advanced Robotics

Richmond Field Station

1301 South 46th Street

Bldg. 300A

Richmond, California 94804-4600


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ASV Global C-Enduro

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