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About RBR Ltd

Since 1976, RBR Ltd has been dedicated to manufacturing high accuracy instrumentation for research and operations in marine, freshwater, and cryospheric environments. RBR continues to invest considerable effort into research and development, which is carried out in collaboration with customers to ensure that the instruments produced are precisely what the customer wants and can afford.

Our current product line includes submersible data loggers for CTD, turbidity, fluorescence, dissolved oxygen (and many other sensors), thermistor chains, tide gauges, and wave gauges. Recent products include a versatile data buoy controller, and a shipboard salinometer. Calibration equipment at RBR permits traceable calibration for oceanographic instruments including temperature to +/- 0.002 degrees, conductivity to +/- 0.003 mS/cm and pressure to +/- 0.015%.

RBR is a global leader in oceanographic and environmental monitoring instrumentation, providing competitive and innovative products to scientists and engineers worldwide.

RBRconcerto³ C.T.D

The RBRconcerto³ multi-channel logger supports numerous sensors, offers flexible measurement schedules, standard sampling up to 2Hz, optionally up to 32Hz, larg...

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RBRsolo³ T

The RBRsolo³ T is one of RBR’s most compact, lightweight and versatile single-channel recorders. Its small compact size lends itself to various applications fro...

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RBRsolo³ D

The logger offers flexible measurement schedules, standard sampling up to 2Hz, and optionally up to 32Hz. It also features large memory, more power for extended...

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RBRbrevio³ C.T.D

The RBRbrevio³ C.T.D is short in stature but tall on performance. With world-class sensor accuracy, a sampling rate up to 32Hz, and realtime data output, the RB...

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