Hydro International - September/October 2018

Hydro International - September/October 2018


The front cover of this issue of Hydro International shows the IBCAO grid displaying the Arctic Sea with a black box outlining Chukchi Plateau. The availability of a digital bathymetry database and the current state of bathymetry information on Chukchi Plateau illustrates the opportunity for the MCD to update lacking bathymetry information using ESC surveys for soundings and the IBCAO grid for depth areas and contours.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Streaming Cloud-based ENC Data for a Real-time ECS
  • Where Do We Map Next?
  • Understanding Deep-sea Minerals and Ecosystems
  • Automated Depth Area Generation for Updating NOAA Nautical Charts
  • A Cost-effi cient INS for Flexible Subsea Operations

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