For long-term stand-alone O2 & total pH monitoring. Plug&play underwater sensor solution for shallow water and the Deep Sea

For advanced underwater applications, PyroScience recently launched the unique all-in-one AquapHOx platform for monitoring critical parameters and their dynamics underwater; in open ocean, the deep sea, coastal ecosystems, rivers, lakes and water bodies. The revolutionary AquapHOx technology comprises various products like single analyte shallow water and oxen or total scale pH deep sea long-term loggers for stand-alone operation during long monitoring approaches. The flexible deep-sea multi-analyte logger APHOX-LX features a titanium housing for operation down to 4000 m water depth and one optical channel compatible to various optical (ultra-high speed/ultra-trace) O2 or total scale pH sensor formats with proprietary underwater connector. Besides minimal invasive micro- and minisensors, screw cap robust probes, smart contactless sensor solutions (flow-through cells, sensor spots with contactless read-out), they include also pH and oxygen sensor caps for different ranges and response times. This sensor portfolio offers unmatched flexibility for multiple applications, including:

-             the most sensitive trace O2 measurements in oxygen minimum zones or de-oxygenation events,
-             sensitive measurements of total scale pH with neglectable impact of salinity,
-             contactless read-out of incubation chambers with integrated sensors and
-             profiling in sediments and along gradients at high spatial resolution

and many more.