Hydrus is a micro-autonomous underwater vehicle that makes marine surveying easy and affordable.

Hydrus takes the drone revolution underwater with the most advanced navigation and communication systems of any subsea vehicle. Its ability to detect obstacles, avoid collisions and deliver high-quality georeferenced imagery makes Hydrus an excellent tool for underwater exploration, marine surveying and offshore infrastructure inspection.

Revolutionising Underwater Data Capture

Meet Hydrus, the autonomous underwater drone revolutionising underwater data collection by eliminating the barriers to its entry.
Hydrus ensures that even users with limited resources can execute precise and regular subsea missions to meet their data requirements.

High-Quality Data

Featuring advanced sensors and a 4K camera, Hydrus delivers accurate, georeferenced video and imagery for 3D surveying and photogrammetry. It excels at collecting underwater data in dull, dirty and dangerous missions.

Ease of Use

Using Hydrus eliminates the need for large vessels, professional dive teams and complex user training. Its compact design allows a single user to deploy it quickly, saving valuable time for data collection.

Reduced Costs

Hydrus reduces seabed exploration and surveying costs by up to ~75% compared to divers and ROVs, enabling users to conduct more frequent and extensive surveys. Additionally, maintenance is easy and inexpensive.