HydroBoat 1200 Multi-Purpose USV Platform for Hydrographic Surveys

SatLab HydroBoat 1200—an embodiment of compactness and ease, tailored for seamless operation across a spectrum of equipment. 

Enhanced by professional CFD technology, its stability finds new heights. Melded with high-precision single-beam echo sounder, GNSS directional positioning receiver, and an advanced intelligent  Android boat-control system, it deftly serves varied water operational demands. 

Employing innovative merged GNSS+IMU algorithms, impervious to wind and current influences, the system achieves pinpoint accuracy in adhering to the designated course and hovering stationary in its environment, such as waves, currents, and wind.

Augmented safety through embedded IMU, 360° pan-tilt camera, and millimeter-wave radar fortifies its attributes comprehensively. This autonomous vessel, which can be mounted with leading ADCP, side-scan sonar, dual-frequency sounder, multi-parameter water quality meter, image sonar, and more, stands poised as the quintessential partner for tasks encompassing current measurement, bathymetry, underwater survey, and water quality assessment.