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Prince Albert 1st Medal for Juha Korhonen

The Secretary-General and directors, in consultation with representatives of the Government of His S... (read more)

AMSI Council Business Person of the Year 2017 Award for Michael Osborne

The annual AMSI Council Business Person of the Year award was presented to Dr Michael Osborne, manag... (read more)
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Hydrography is booming. Survey companies, data specialists, hydrographers, cartographers and oceanographers, they are all working hard to get the job done. And those companies need to invest in skilled and qualified people to keep their customers satisfied.

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Are you working or looking to work in the booming world of hydrography? On top of current job vacancies, Hydro International Jobs features leading employers with ongoing of opportunities and recruitment agencies with access to vacancies throughout the whole world.

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Hydro International Jobs offers the perfect opportunity for companies to seek and find the right candidates for their job vacancies. Are you interested in posting your job vacancies with Hydro International? Please contact content manager Joost Boers.

For MEWO we recently launched a job search campaign on Facebook; we targeted the Polish market and reached 8,000+ people. We focused on three specific subjects regarding the specifications of the job advertisement. Thanks to our strong reputation in the hydrographic market this campaign was very successful!

MEWO was really pleased with our professionalism, service and results regarding their job advertisement and Facebook campaign. Curious to learn more? Contact us!

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