Hydro International: November-December 2020

Hydro International March-April 2020

On the front cover: The cover of this edition of Hydro International shows imagery acquired with the Kongsberg EM 2040P MKII, an advanced shallow water multibeam echosounder. In this issue, you will find an overview article that provides you with a major update on the current state of the art of the bathymetric workhorse known as the multibeam echosounder. Read more on page 12.

This issue of Hydro International includes the following articles:

  • P. 08 - Unlocking the Potential of Marine Geospatial Data
  • P. 12 - State of the Art in Multibeam Echosounders
  • P. 16 - The HYPACK LiDAR Payload
  • P. 21 Bathymetry from UAV Imagery and Machine
  • P. 27 Measuring and 3D Mapping of Sea Ice in the Arctic
  • P. 30 Unmanned Vessels to Assist in Saltwater Intrusion

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