Spatial Fusion Enterprise 5.3

CARIS has released Spatial Fusion Enterprise (SFE) version 5.3 featuring the new Web Map Tile Service (WMTS). SFE allows an organisation to deliver its geospatial information to the Web using open standards and the latest technology. WMTS is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard that improves the performance and scalability of Web-mapping by using "tiles" of pre-rendered data. This offers performance benefits over the popular OGC Web Map Service (WMS) standard. By requesting map images from the server combined with the ability to store the images for future use, performance gains through WMTS are significant.CARIS allows multiple layers from any... (read more)
2010-08-31 03:04:46

Spatial Fusion Enterprise 5.4

The latest release of Spatial Fusion Enterprise builds on its support of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards by implementing the Web Coverage Service (WCS) standard for bathymetric data. The new version represents a continuation of CARIS' commitment to provide organisations with the latest technology for delivering their geospatial information on the web.     WCS is an OGC standard for downloading coverages of gridded and point cloud data. This will allow CARIS' marine clients to share their bathymetric data through data downloads in 32-bit GeoTIFF, BAG and XYZ formats.   The inclusion of WCS is seen as the next logical... (read more)
2011-04-22 10:16:01

CARIS Spatial Fusion Enterprise 5.2

CARIS is to release Spatial Fusion Enterprise (SFE) 5.2 as part of its Ping-to-Chart product suite. SFE is Web-enabling technology for geospatial information that aims at leveraging the investment of collecting and maintaining data by making it more visible and accessible to stakeholders. Web-mapping has been around for more than a decade and recent trends indicating an increasing awareness of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) have resulted in a growing need to Web-enable and share marine and hydrographic geospatial information.  There is an increasing need for organisations around the world to display their data assets on public and internal Web portals... (read more)
2010-03-04 09:11:30

UDT Breathes Innovation and Enterprise

It was a case of standing room only as UDT Conference Chairman Ernst-August Petsch opened the 2010 event at the CCH conference center in Hamburg on Tuesday 8th June. Capt Petsch said that after 20 years - and making its fourth visit to Hamburg - UDT was continuing to show that innovation and enterprise were very much alive in the undersea defence community. The first keynote address was given by Vice Admiral Axel Schimpf, chief of staff, German Navy, who said that the world has changed fundamentally, with globalisation potentially having a significant impact on individual nations' security. He described... (read more)
2010-06-10 05:01:00

Enterprise GIS for Royal Thai Navy

The Hydrographic Department, Royal Thai Navy (HDRTN) implemented an enterprise production system in early 2014. The enterprise geographic information system (GIS) will enhance the management and provision of spatial data holdings and streamline the exchange of marine spatial data between the hydrographic surveying division and cartographic division of HDRTN. It will also allow the department to efficiently produce new products and maintain the existing product portfolio, which includes 79 charts covering Thai waters and 44 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) for the main shipping routes. These key aspects will increase HDRTN capabilities for continued safe navigation and support sustainable development of... (read more)
2014-07-29 11:04:43

U.S. Ocean Enterprise Generates USD7 Billion Annually

The U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS), part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Department of Commerce, has released a first-of-its-kind study that looks at the economic impact of ocean observing systems. The study identified more than 400 U.S. companies that contribute to ocean observations, measurements and forecasting - known as the 'ocean enterprise'. According to the study, the U.S. ocean enterprise generates USD7 billion in revenue annually, and 54% of companies 5 years or older expect the ocean enterprise segment of their business to grow in the next year. The report The Ocean Enterprise is available online.... (read more)
2016-02-23 09:03:55

Fugro signs Enterprise Licensing Agreement with Teledyne CARIS

Teledyne CARIS has entered into an Enterprise Licensing Agreement with Fugro. This agreement will enable Fugro worldwide on-demand access to CARIS software, specifically HIPS and SIPS for the purposes of hydrographic data processing and Bathy DataBASE for data management. The agreement will also provide Fugro with market leading technical support and will lay the groundwork for greater collaboration for research and development initiatives going forward. According to Teledyne CARIS general manager and vice president Doug Lockhart, this agreement builds on a history of collaboration and paves the way for new developments in both companies' common interest.   (read more)
2016-09-26 03:01:16

British Royal Navy Surveys Beirut's Harbour for Hazards

The Royal Navy survey ship HMS Enterprise has called at Beirut to survey the harbour and deliver humanitarian supplies after the devastating explosion earlier this month. Enterprise has spent the past several weeks loading stores from the RAF Akrotiri air base in Cyprus, then carrying them across the Mediterranean to Beirut. The delivered goods include 500 canvas cots, 112 tents and 5 field kitchens. The supplies will be able to house and feed up to 500 soldiers from the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) who are working on the relief operation. With supplies on board, Enterprise sailed to Beirut last week. She berthed adjacent to the capsized cruise... (read more)
2020-09-04 10:31:14

ArcGIS Supports SQL Server 2008

ArcGIS users now have access to SQL Server 2008. SQL Server 2008, combined with ESRI's powerful geodata management capabilities, will provide users with the tools they need to seamlessly consume, use, and extend location-based analysis for enterprise-scale computing and Web collaboration. The support is the result of a close, multiyear working relationship between ESRI and Microsoft Corp. in the development of the spatial extensions to SQL Server 2008.   In SQL Server 2008, Microsoft introduces two new spatial types-Geography and Geometry-both of which are supported by ESRI. The new spatial types meet the needs of many ESRI GIS customers who... (read more)
2008-11-21 03:16:57

Royal Navy Ship Discovers Uncharted Red Sea Canyon

HMS Enterprise, a multi-role survey vessel - hydrographic oceanographic (SVHO) of the British Royal Navy, has recently produced a series of stunning images of a Grand Canyon-style ocean floor hidden deep under the Red Sea. The vessel used her surveying equipment to reveal the natural wonder during her nine-month mission to improve understanding of the waters east of Suez. Discovering the 250-metre-deep canyon after leaving the Egyptian port of Safaga, the ship used her sophisticated multibeam echo sounder to create the 3D images, allowing the ocean floor to be seen for the first time. Commanding Officer of HMS Enterprise, Commander... (read more)
2013-03-11 12:00:00
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