Mashkoor Malik

Mashkoor Malik is a Physical Scientist (Hydrographer) with NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. Mr. Malik received his MS in Ocean Mapping and IHO Category A certification from the University of New Hampshire, CCOM / JHC in 2005. (read more)
2020-06-02 09:18:37

Rachel Medley

Rachel Medley is Chief of the Expedition and Exploration Division within NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER).  She previously worked for NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey for 12 years before joining OER in 2018. Ms. Medley received her MS in Ocean Mapping and IHO-Category A certification from the University of New Hampshire, CCOM/JHC in 2009. (read more)
2020-06-02 09:17:13

OceanWise Releases Innovative Global Raster Chart Dataset

OceanWise, the leading UK-based supplier of Intelligent Marine and Coastal Mapping Data is pleased to announce the release of its Global Raster Chart dataset of the world's oceans: ‘Raster Chart XL Oceans’. RCXL Oceans is a new fast service that is widely accessible using most GIS software. It is perfect for those practitioners and decision makers looking to add a familiar authoritative mapping source to their business proposals, GIS projects and Web Mapping Applications. OceanWise operations manager Caroline Levey commented: “We are really proud to be launching this extension to our mapping range and firmly believe that Raster Charts XL... (read more)
2020-05-28 01:31:10

“Tharp Helped Keep Me Going”

How a Treasure Map Led Her to the Bottom of the Sea
"It wasn’t always easy being a black woman in my early days as an oceanographer,” says Dawn Wright, chief scientist at a worldwide operating company specialized in mapping and spatial analytics software. But a fictional pirate and a pioneering ocean explorer helped her chart her course. I grew up in the Hawaiian Islands, so the ocean has always been a sacred place to me. My summers included many hours spent in the waves, and ample time for reading. The book that captured my imagination above all others was Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. One of the central anchors of the... (read more)
2020-05-26 08:47:55

Fugro Starts NOAA Project to Update Florida’s Nautical Charts

Fugro has begun work on its first task order under a recently awarded multi-year hydrographic services contract with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Located off the north-west coast of Florida, the project involves the acquisition of high-resolution bathymetry data over four sites totalling approximately 1,475 km2. Deliverables will be issued to NOAA by December and they will use this information to update charted depths and features in the region, many of which predate the 1950s. To streamline the data collection, Fugro will deploy its new FAS-900 unmanned surface vessel (USV) as a force multiplier on the project.... (read more)
2020-05-20 02:22:36

Fugro Maps Arctic Ocean for Norway’s MAREANO Seabed Mapping Programme

The Norwegian Hydrographic Service has awarded Fugro another hydrographic survey contract as part of the MAREANO seabed mapping programme, financed by Norway’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, and the Ministry of Environment. Fugro has completed ten surveys for the programme since 2006 and acquired over 140,000 km2 of data. This latest survey will collect high-resolution, high-density multibeam echosounder and sub-bottom data to produce seamless datasets for the Norwegian mapping programme. The fieldwork will run from June to late October this year. The survey area covers approximately 2,700km2 over Spitsbergenbanken, a large bank in the Barents Sea, in water depths ranging... (read more)
2020-04-29 10:54:50

This Is How a Dual Mapping Survey Vessel Is Used for Bathymetric Surveying Services

H2H Geoscience Engineering (H2H) has announced a new contract with Albany Water Board, providing topographic and bathymetric surveying services for their two reservoirs – Alcove and Basic Creek in Albany County, New York. The Alcove reservoir has not had elevation-capacity tables updated since the 1930s, and no elevation-capacity tables for Basic Creek reservoir currently exist. The Albany Water Board has requested that an updated elevation-capacity table be measured for Alcove reservoir, and also created for Basic Creek reservoir. Dual Mapping Survey Vessel For this project, H2H will utilize its dual mapping survey vessel, stationed in Troy, NY, equipped with the... (read more)
2020-04-21 09:20:17

Fugro Wins NOAA Contract for Shoreline Mapping Services

Fugro has signed a five-year Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to provide shoreline mapping services in support of the agency’s Coastal Mapping Program. Issued through NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS), this multi-year contract is NGS’s second consecutive award to Fugro for services such as the provision of aerial imagery, topobathymetric Lidar, and shoreline feature compilation. NGS uses these data to update NOAA nautical charts, define US territorial limits, support coastal management activities and perform inundation modelling. “Fugro is proud to continue working with NOAA to update and improve the nation’s... (read more)
2020-04-07 12:54:34

AI Making Waves in the Maritime Field

Andy Hoggarth’s role at the helm of BD at CARIS is to understand trends in the business space industry as it evolves and translate these from idea to product. Given the spectrum of his expertise, he reflects on the current state of play and future possibilities for the fields of hydrography, marine geomatics and ocean science. He shares his insights on current and future trends in the field, articulating the value of artificial intelligence (AI) in reducing costs and processing time whilst increasing data accuracy and quality. How AI Can Help Businesses Everyone is inundated with data these days, and... (read more)
2020-04-02 10:35:43

Norwegian Hydrographic Service Measures Related to the Coronavirus Pandemic

In response to the current global situation, the Norwegian Hydrographic Service has implemented several measures aimed at minimizing disruption to the delivery of navigationally important publications. All employees are now working remotely and the Notice to Mariners and updates to electronic navigational charts (ENC) and paper charts are being produced as normal. “However, the production of tracing as well as all surveying activities have been temporarily suspended due to the logistical problems inherent with remote working. The PRIMAR RENC operation continues as normal, with staff working from home office”, Gudmund Jønsson, director of Seachart Authority says. PRIMAR is an international collaboration dedicated... (read more)
2020-03-28 10:45:55
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