Sandwave Migration

Seabed mobility and shallow-water swathe sounding
The use of swathe systems in a highly mobile, shallow-water environment poses significant problems for the hydrographic surveyor. Several physical factors encountered when gathering swathe data are introduced and described as contributing to degradation of the accuracy model. The extent of influence by physical/environmental characteristics and the tidal solution on bathymetry must be understood so that methods to obtain accurate bathymetry suitable for safe navigation, seabed migration modelling and future research projects can be employed by the surveyor in real time. Lack of space prevents detailed discussion of such factors here, but this by no means reduces their importance, briefly... (read more)
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We Visited for You

MARID 2004
The Marine Sandwave and River Dune Dynamics II (MARID) workshop was held in Enschede, The Netherlands on the 1st and 2nd April 2004 The idea to organise workshops dedicated to bring together researchers and end-users in the field of marine sandwave dynamics was proposed in 1998 during a meeting of the North Sea Hydrographic Commission and the first workshop was held in Lille (France). One of the main outputs of this workshop was that several aspects, especially modelling, were in a quite dynamic development, necessitating a follow up in order to monitor the progress of the last 4 years. A... (read more)
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Warning: If you submit an article [to HI] you run the risk having an editor visit you specifically interested in the subject of your article! Upon hearing that the author of one recently submitted article (Sandwave Migration, by Lt. Cdr. R. Cullen RAN) was surveying near Great Yarmouth (UK), I took the opportunity to visit him. I was already intending to visit the area whilst skipper of the schooner Eendracht for a week of navigational training with nautical college students. I think the author was surprised to hear via VHF: "Can I speak to your Commanding Officer?" and fun for... (read more)
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