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Hydro International is proud to introduce a Spanish edition of the magazine as a service to its Spanish-speaking readers in Europe and Latin America. In 2016, we will publish two Spanish issues: one in April and the other in October. 2,000 copies will be printed of each issue and the content will also be made available digitally to our online community.

Unfortunately, the Spanish edition of Hydro International has been cancelled

To read previous versions of the Spanish edition, visit the magazine page. 

Media Planner 2016

Download the media planner 2016 for a complete overview of the latest facts and figures on Hydro International and the editorial calendar. Editorial contributions are welcome and can be discussed with Joost Boers, editorial manager:


The Spanish edition will be sent to Spanish-speaking Hydro International subscribers and to local shows, conferences, training centres, educational institutes and hydrographic offices. Would you like to request copies for your company, clients, students, events or any other occasion? If so, send an email to!


Please feel free to contact Sybout Wijma, key account manager. She will be delighted to advise you on the opportunities presented by the Spanish edition of Hydro International.

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Sybout Wijma
+31 (0)514 561854

Sybout Wijma - Key account manager Hydro International

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