AC-ROV Thruster Upgrade - 24/03/2009

The AC-ROV has a centreless thruster design as there is no motor in the flow path. Existing AC-ROV users from a variety of industrial sectors were selected to field test the "Mark 2" thruster, reporting greater vehicle speed, power and excursion capability without compromise of control or stability.



The Mark 2 thruster will be fitted to all new-build AC-ROV's as standard and is available as a straight change-out component to all existing users.


The benefits are that thrust is significantly greater than from a same size shaft-mounted propeller, thrust is equal in both directions, and as AC-ROV users know, the "no shaft" design is virtually foul proof.


The further development has evolved from the combined efforts of AC-CESS and their engineering partners ALL OCEANS of Aberdeen (Scotland).



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