Acoustics Specialist RTSYS Unveils Latest Versatile Micro-AUV - 09/07/2019

After years of development, French Acoustics specialist RTSYS has unveiled its latest versatile micro-AUV named NemoSens. Less than 1 metre long, and easy to carry and launch (less than 20 pounds including payload), NemoSens can host any kind of payload, be it a CTD probe, side-scan sonar or any other sensors. Thanks to an open LINUX architecture, it can be programmed from a ROS or MOOS interface to complete various kind of missions.

Acoustic Beacons

Its battery provides wide autonomy (up to 8 hours at 4 knots) with a speed range from 2 to 8 knots, and its robustness allows it to dive over 300 metres. Several AUVs can manoeuvre in swarm (+10) thanks to acoustic beacons on the surface, which can also be used for real-time repositioning. Navigation is accurate thanks to integrated INS, along with a GPS and a flasher in the mast for smooth recovery.

NemoSens is flexible and will fulfil numerous civil applications such as seabed imagery, environmental monitoring or wreckage localization. More information:

Last updated: 23/07/2019