Additional AML and Inland ENC - 03/03/2004

HydroService AS has also released two more new optional task-oriented modules for dKart Editor software to expand program functionality with support of Additional Military Layers (AML) and Inland ENC (‘river S-57’) data formats. dKart Editor is an ENC production and maintenance platform fully compatible with the latest editions of IHO S-57, S-58 and S-52 standards, with main features including manual and automated editing capabilities, tools for data digitising and compilation, means for data QC and validation.
The new platform is fully UNICODE-compatible, providing support for any national language used in an ENC. Import/export tools supporting a range of data formats facilitate data exchange with third-party programs such as GIS and CAD systems. The new software may also be integrated with other dKart Office system tools to provide a complete administrative and practical solution for a Digital Hydrographic Office.

Last updated: 25/10/2020