Additional EdgeTech Sidescan Sonar Units for USACE - 31/12/2014

EdgeTech, USA, recently announced the shipment of additional 4125 Sidescan Sonar units to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The most recent shipment to the Wilmington District brings the total units shipped to USACE districts this year into double digits. Other USACE districts purchasing 4125 Sidescan Sonar units from EdgeTech in the recent past include: New England District, Norfolk District, New Orleans District, St. Louis District, and Kansas City District. Many of the districts have purchased multiple units.

The EdgeTech 4125 Sidescan Sonar is a portable and versatile system. The 4125 utilises EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum CHIRP technology, which provides high resolution imagery for fast and accurate surveys. Two dual simultaneous frequency sets are available for the 4125 depending on the application. The 400/900kHz set is suited for shallow water survey applications, providing a balanced combination of range and resolution. The 600/1600kHz set aimed for customers that require ultra-high resolution imagery in order to detect very small targets. The 4125 systems are often used for classifying targets, searching for lost buoys and mooring and reviewing any other potentially dangerous underwater obstructions in the waterways. 

Last updated: 18/06/2019