Automatic Patch Test and Side-Scan Mosaic Tools in NaviModel 3.3 - 29/11/2013

Version 3.3 of the EIVA NaviModel software solution has been released, offering both improved as well as new features, including an automatic patch test module and side-scan mosaic tools. NaviModel version 3.3 allows for 3D, and thus more precise, patch testing, as opposed to previous versions that were based on profile scans. Also, users can create a custom display of the patch testing data, including graph selection.

Side-scan mosaic has been a well-known component in other EIVA NaviSuite products for a while, and it is now also included in NaviModel. The mosaic tool encompasses multi-beam snippets, backscatter data and side-scan data, allowing for intensity mosaic with automatic TVG.

The NaviModel update also includes an improvement to the patch test tool module, offering the possibility of a fast and automatic patch test with immediate visual feedback when fine-tuning the calibration, simply by dragging sliders to analyse the effect.

Video content:

00.04 Establish connection to NaviEdit
00.09 Choose the files for the patch test
00.30 Time calibration
00.34 Select files and area for the time calibration
01.01 Start auto calibration of time
01.12 Latency is set back to 0
01.17 Pitch calibration
01.19 Select files and area for the pitch calibration
01.44 Start auto calibration of pitch
01.56 Roll calibration
02.00 Select files and area for the roll calibration
02.19 Start auto calibration of roll
02.31 Long profile slider
02.37 Heading calibration
02.39 Select files and area for the heading calibration
03.12 Start auto calibration of heading
03.33 Auto calibrate all
03.36 Selecting number of iterations
04.41 Final result

Image: The new side-scan mosaic tool in NaviModel 3.3 reads multi-beam snippets, backscatter data and side-scan data. Image courtesy: Eiva. Video courtesy: Eiva.

Last updated: 06/06/2020