Bathymetric Sensor Weeks: exploring front-line technology

Bathymetric Sensor Weeks: exploring front-line technology

From 23 October to 24 November, Hydro International will bring bathymetric sensor technology into the spotlight during the Bathymetric Sensor Weeks. These themed weeks will feature a dedicated weekly newsletter and a continuous flow of content offering in-depth insights and background stories on the latest trends and developments in this field.

The Bathymetric Sensor Weeks will showcase the most recent advancements in bathymetric data collection. We will delve into how the latest sensors and techniques are revolutionizing bathymetric surveys, enhancing the accuracy of hydrospatial data and enabling the fusion of multiple methods across various platforms. Examples will include the utilization of multibeam and single-beam surveys, ADCPs and sub-bottom profilers integrated into AUVs. Additionally, we will explore the remarkable progress in Lidar bathymetric surveys, which are increasingly being conducted from aerial platforms.

Join us during these weeks of exploration and discovery, where we uncover the cutting-edge innovations shaping the future of bathymetric sensing technology. If you want to contribute, for instance by writing a short article or a thought-provoking column, feel free to touch base with us via [email protected]. We welcome your input and expertise to make these weeks even more enriching.

MBARI researchers conducted high-resolution, low-altitude surveys in a section of the canyon floor located deep beneath Monterey Bay. This area hosts one of the largest submarine canyons on the west coast of North America. Their goal was to monitor various environmental conditions, such as currents, at this site. Collectively, these efforts have provided fresh insights into the processes that shape submarine canyons. (Image courtesy: Monica Wolfson-Schwehr/2023 MBARI)
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