Broadband Acoustic Turbulence and Biology Mapping Instrument for Ocean Research - 26/01/2006

EdgeTech has delivered a Wideband Acoustic Mapping System (WAMS) to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).
The system provides for monitoring acoustic scattering from zooplankton, bubbles and turbulence in the ocean with a frequency range of 120kHz to 600kHz, in 4 overlapping bands.
The system is built on EdgeTech's Full Spectrum chirp technology, and provides for very accurate, wideband, amplitude and phase weighted transmissions, combined with very low noise, high dynamic range and coherent digitizing receivers.
The data are available as both de-chirped, complex valued time series and raw 16 bit data samples. The echo spectrum and echo positions are all available in real time for inspection and analysis.
The equipment configuration supports very long line telemetry over coaxial cable and also provides for logging of co-located CTD data. This is EdgeTech’s second delivery to WHOI of Wideband Acoustic Mapping Systems. The first system covers the frequency range from 1kHz to 80kHz. This system has completed its first at sea deployment this summer.

Last updated: 08/04/2020