Call to action for the offshore wind industry

Call to action for the offshore wind industry

The offshore wind industry knows it can do better. While its potential is undeniable, challenges remain and acknowledging its shortcomings is crucial for progress. Oceanology International 2024 aims to confront these challenges with a unique series of interactive sessions, ‘Offshore Wind: We Know it's not Working as Well as it Could be... So Why aren't we Changing?’

Moving away from scripted dialogues and predetermined agendas, the Oi24 sessions will prioritise authenticity and open dialogue, centered around enhancing the offshore wind industry. Experts will engage candidly and questions from attendees will be at the heart of the discussion in a frank and worthwhile conversation about how everyone can work together to move the industry forward.

Join the conversation at Oceanology International 2024

To be involved in this unique opportunity to be a catalyst for change, register for Oceanology International 2024 and attend these focused sessions at the Ocean Futures Theatre:

  • Session 1: Site Selection and Development(Tuesday, 12th March: 12:45-14:00): Explore real-world examples where smarter design and collaboration could have dramatically improved efficiency and reduced costs. Can we squeeze more value out of data and embrace earlier engagement with survey contractors?
  • Session 2: Construction and Commissioning(Wednesday, 13th March: 10:15-11:15): Shift the focus from financial risk to data risk management. Could this unlock significant CAPEX savings, accelerate first power, and even lower the carbon footprint of projects?
  • Session 3: Long-Term Operations (Thursday, 14th March: 10:15-11:15): How can early decisions on design and construction impact long-term O&M costs? Let's explore how better understanding site conditions and collaborating with the supply chain can benefit the entire lifecycle of a windfarm.

Carlos Fernandes, conference manager, Oceanology International, said: "Oceanology International has a reputation for disrupting and making people think differently. In these sessions we go one step further by offering the floor the opportunity to deep dive into the issues and question our panel of experts. We are all aware that offshore wind has the potential to power our future, but we're not there yet. That's why at Oceanology International, we're throwing out the script and diving headfirst into the challenges we face. These sessions are your show. No pre-packaged answers, no sugarcoating – just experts ready to tackle the tough questions you, the audience, raise. We're talking honest dialogue, real solutions, and a collaborative push to move the industry forward. It’s a very exciting development in the way we approach things. If we don’t, we can’t move forward in an open and honest way. Together, we can unlock the full potential of offshore wind and build a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

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