Canadian tech specialists unite for underwater advancement

Canadian tech specialists unite for underwater advancement

Two Canadian underwater technology specialists, Voyis and Deep Trekker, have joined forces to achieve an exceptional integration: the successful fusion of Voyis’ cutting-edge Discovery camera with Deep Trekker’s Revolution ROV. This landmark collaboration showcases the prowess of Canadian innovation and ingenuity, aiming to propel the field of underwater surveys and inspections into an unprecedented era of advancement.

Deep Trekker’s Revolution ROV showcases Canadian engineering excellence. This underwater vehicle is designed to perform exceptionally in demanding aquatic environments. It offers impressive stability and manoeuvrability, thanks to its distinctive rotating head, which enables precise attachment positioning for tools such as imaging sonar and grabbers. The Revolution ROV is versatile and suitable for a wide range of tasks. It can reach depths of up to 305 metres and is equipped with six powerful thrusters that provide precise control for both vertical and lateral movements, even in challenging currents. This flexible thruster setup ensures not only stability but also allows for fine-tuned adjustments during inspections and surveys. The ROV’s rugged construction, featuring a carbon fibre shell, anodized aluminium, stainless steel body and sapphire lens cover, underscores its durability and reliability.

Advancing underwater exploration

The collaboration between Voyis and Deep Trekker was tested and proven successful during trials in Tobermory, Ontario. Both teams worked together to achieve this success and test the ROV capabilities for piloting and inspection.

The integration of the Discovery camera with the Revolution ROV provides professionals with a comprehensive set of tools for underwater surveys, inspections and explorations. This combination of the Revolution ROV’s durability and manoeuvrability, along with the Discovery camera’s precise imaging and enhanced situational awareness, offers new opportunities for industries including marine research, aquaculture, defence and security, infrastructure inspection and offshore energy asset inspection.

“We are excited to achieve this successful integration with Deep Trekker’s Revolution ROV, representing a significant stride in Canadian technology collaboration,” said Chris Gilson, CEO at Voyis. “Together, we are pushing the limits of imaging technology and creating solutions that empower professionals to navigate and explore the underwater world with unmatched clarity.”

Sam Macdonald, managing director at Deep Trekker, echoed this sentiment: “The seamless integration of Voyis’ Discovery camera with our Revolution ROV signifies a new chapter in underwater exploration. This harmonious blend of leading-edge technologies will reshape how professionals navigate and inspect underwater environments.”

According to both companies, their combined efforts herald a new era in underwater exploration and inspection, reflecting the excellence of Canadian innovation. With the successful integration of the Discovery camera and Revolution ROV, professionals can anticipate elevated capabilities, heightened precision and transformative insights that will redefine industries dependent on precise underwater data.

Deep Trekker Revolution ROV equipped with Discovery camera. (Image courtesy: Voyis)
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