CARIS 2004 Call for Papers - 09/04/2004

Organisers of the CARIS 2004, 9th International CARIS User Group Conference and Educational Sessions, issues its call for papers with an invitation to join them in Hamburg, Germany to explore the trend in geomatics towards increasing interoperability, flexible exchange and use of various sources of data, and a broader use of various types of geographic data.
CARIS 2004 will have the following sessions and authors are requested to send their abstracts, keeping in view these themes: Additional Military Layers (AML), Interoperability, GeoPortals, Data Distribution and Data Infrastructures, Enterprise Database Solutions, S-57 ENC/DIGEST DNC Navigational Charting, Mapping and Cartography, Inland/river Electronic Navigational Charting, Survey Data Management/Processing, and Port and Waterway Management and Marine Boundary Delimitation.
The theme, ‘Where Waterways Meet’ typically applies to Hamburg being the place in Germany where the sea meets the river. ‘Where Waterways Meet’ more generally refers to the growing need to bring together marine and hydrographic data such as Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), Inland ENCs, AMLs, etc. in combination with OpenGIS standards and database technology. Uniting various waterway data means better and more readily available information for management and decision making in organisations. Following this theme, the CARIS 2004 program will feature the technologies, experiences and issues surrounding this trend.
Deadline for submission of abstracts is 27 August.
This 9th International CARIS User Group Conference and Educational Sessions will be taking place from 222-25 November, at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, in Germany.

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