CastAway-CTD Award - 21/09/2010

A new CastAway-CTD has been presented to a researcher and academic expert representing the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom. Dr. Simon Boxall accepted the CastAway during a brief presentation held August 2010. It is the first of two systems that were part of a special giveaway drawing, held earlier this year during Oceanology International 2010 (Oi10), London. Boxall's CastAway was among the first official batch of new systems shipped to dozens of customers.

YSI European Regional Manager, Darren Hanson, was on hand for the official presentation and said Dr. Boxall is looking forward to using the CastAway in wider teaching applications. He said Boxall will be using the CastAway during an upcoming survey of the Arctic. He plans to collect data down to 100m and is looking forward to sending photos and data to YSI.

The YSI CastAway-CTD is a lightweight, easy-to-use hydrographic instrument designed for quick and accurate conductivity, temperature, and depth profiles.

The second CastAway-CTD winner was Dr. Keri Page of the Scottish Marine Institute, Association of Marine Scientist.

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