CIDCO 2011 Conference - 16/06/2011

The interdisciplinary Centre for the Development of Ocean Mapping (CIDCO, Canada) is organising the conference Applied Hydrography, to be held in Hotel Rimouski, in Rimouski, Canada on 20th and 21st June 2011. This event aims to bring together experts and users of the products of hydrography in Quebec around national and regional issues such as coastal erosion and harbour infrastructures management.

The conference aims to bring together hydrography specialists and promote networking; to highlight issues and problems related to hydrography and raise awareness of new hydrographic technologies and imaging systems.

Following the Grand Opening, Nicolas Seube (ENSTA Bretagne) takes the floor for the keynote on Current Research and Development Hydrography Trends. His address is followed by eight workshops on various subjects.

On 21st June, World Hydrography Day, another eight workshops are scheduled. In the afternoon, there are three hydrographic vessels open for visit.

For further information, please contact Audrée Lafrance at +1 4187251732 ext 1769.


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